Next up was the amazing Headliner Introspect, a progressive metal band with an amazing front woman Felicity. The stage had bar lights which made the set look really amazing and really brought you a unique experience. Felicity was an amazing singer and her vocals were on point. Felicity said "I think everybody's going to know the next one, i hope so, (flick points to the drummer) and says congratulations on your first gig as an 18 year old, yes he's 18, yes hes insane". The crowd cheered and they played their next song.


The headliner band of the night was Terrorential. They have hints of Metallica riffs in some of their songs. Terrorential were head banging while playing guitar. They used slow and fast tempos and there was moshing and head banging in the pit. The last song by Terrorential was The Trooper by Iron Maiden and all the metal horns went up in the air at the end of the song.


Next up was The Poor and you knew this was going to be one hell of a show! It was full of interaction, fun, craziness and new songs. They played songs including Poison, Ride and Tell Someone Who Cares. Skenie jumped the barrier, moshed on the dance floor, ran up to the back of the room and jumped on the merch table while singing, which created a energetic buzz through the whole room. The Poor are always a fantastic band to rock out with and you should definitely check them out at their next gig.


Next up was A TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC OF BON JOVI, with powerhouse vocalists Virgina Lillye & Mark Furze, who you all may know as semi finalists on The Voice Australia last year! The backing band from Melbourne were The Headhunters, an accomplished group of Australian musicians led by Brazilian guitar maestro, Marcelo Machad. The Bon Jovi Tribute band belted out every single hit, we got to rock out to songs including: Lay Your Hands On Me, Runaway, It's my life, Bed of Roses and Livin' on a prayer. Make sure you get in for their final show in Melbourne on Friday night, for an awesome night of fun and rock!


Next up was KISSTERIA, they performed the 70's era of KISS. We got to watch a show with full make-up, costumes and a stage presence that cannot be described. We got to listen to KISSTERIA play songs including Deuce, Love Gun, Shout It Out Loud, Detroit rock city and Black Diamond and man that set brought a punch to the stage! The last track of the night was Rock and Roll All Night, as the confetti cannon went off and the guitar got smashed on stage, the KISS Army watched in amazement and were sad to know it was the end of the night.


Next up was a Tribute to the legendary Eddie Van Halen. Eddie passed away on 6th of October 2020 and we got to watch a tribute to the most iconic guitarists in the world. A man who shaped generations and genres of music. Eddie Van Halen blew our minds.


Lamb of God have never played this album in full, so it was an amazing experience to watch. They also played their song Ashes of the Wake live for the first time and they smashed it.


The Darkness entertained everyone with slide guitars, smooth melody’s and acoustic plucking. As we watched The Darkness we got to see them perform their most well-known songs including “Growing On Me, I Believe In A Thing Called Love and One Way Ticket”. The sheer masterclass of guitar, bass and drums was amazing, it is what The Darkness is known for and what they do best.  


Hard Rock Legends, Corrosion of Conformity came played in Sydney Australia and New Zealand this week with Pepper Keenan who killed it on vocals. Pepper returned to the band in 2018's for their album "No Cross No Crown" which was a hit around the world.


Last night Corrosion Of Conformity played at the Crow Bar in Sydney to a packed room and wow did they put on a show. The lights went dim and Corrosion of Conformity walked on stage and the crowd cheered, the first song of the night "Seven Days" and they killed it.


Last night Cattle Decapitation played a killer set at The Factory Theatre and we got to headbang our hearts out. The mosh pit was full and we got to spend our valentines day doing the thing we love, listening to metal music live while enjoying the night with metalheads.


As Geoff Tate and his band walked on stage the room was buzzing with excitement. The lights went dark and the band walked on stage and started playing, Geoff walked on stage and stared singing the opening song of the night "I Remember Now" followed by "Anarchy-X and Revolution Calling". The fans cheered wanting more.


Geoff continued with "The Mission"and "Suite Sister Mary". As Emily Tate came on stage to help Geoff sing there was a roar of excitement and they put on one hell of a performance that you can't describe.


The best curse yet.


The Crystal Coconut definitely granted ALESTORM fans their wish: the visionary world travelers have officially entered the recording studio and will return with their upcoming album, Curse of the Crystal Coconut, to be released via Napalm Records in mid 2020. This release will mark the band’s sixth studio album, and promises new anthems bursting with the chaotic energy ALESTORM fans have come to love. Prepare yourself for a level of epic symphonic folk metal insanity that no other band on the high seas could ever aim to touch!


Next up was Ross The Boss and you really have to see this album performed live in its completeness to appreciate how magnificent it is. The vocals were outstanding as usual and it was a great performance! The set was performed with versatility and melodic sounds. Not to mention the vocals were very aggressive at times with his amazing high-pitched screams and shrieks.


Michael Sweets set was immaculate and his commentary between the songs was hilarious, he brought his fans into his world and gave us an entertaining night. We got to watch Michael perform songs including 'Lady’, ‘Soldiers Under Command’, ‘Calling on You’, ‘To Hell with the Devil’ and ‘Sing-Along Song’. The interaction between the fans and Michael was great. As the fans yelled out comments, Michael responded and laughed with everyone. Everyone was fully engaged and singing along to all the songs, it was quite a sight to see.


The band we were all waiting to see was up next, as Soilwork came on stage the fans were excited beyond belief. Soilwork delivered abrasive hooks, amazing chorus, clean vocals and melodic death metal growls, which is a winning formula that we love.


As we ripped through the setlist we got to listen to songs including Arrival, Full Moon Shoals, Tongue, Stabbing the Drama and Stålfågel. Every song was delivered with relentless coarse percussion and guitar work. Soilwork definitely know how to write an extremly solid tracks


The Sisters of Mercy played a killer setlist of 15 songs which include More, Crash and Burn, Something Fast, Vision Thing and This Corrosion, and they delivered every song with sharpness, precision, and punch. We got to rock out to a show full of dark drum-synth and heavy bass, and guitar lines, Under a wall of distortion. Their songs were incredibly catchy and everyone was in the zone. The Sisters of Mercy have a strong electronic element to their dark sound which truly makes this a unique act. 




Buckcherry played their cover of ‘Head Like A Hole’ by Nine Inch Nails which was a nice surprise and is on their current album. Buckcherry also delivered the fan favorites "Say Fuck It, Gluttony and Crazy Bitch" which always spins an enjoyable experience on any Buckcherry show and showed us what they are made of.


As the music came across the speaker's everyone started dancing as they eagerly waited for Combishrist to rock. Combichrist took the stage they take no prisoners and delivered a brutal range of tracks that you couldn't even imagen. The live delivery was off the charts and was way beyond the recorded version. Combichrist delivered extreme vocals, powerful drums and took the guitar and bass playing to another level. 


Dark Angel were up next and they delivered, speed, ripping and clawing solos and an amazing thrash voice, all delivered with a edgy manic charm of full metal. We got to watch Dark Angel put on a show full of killer bass and drums run and vicious vocals delivered in full metal spirit. The drum work was truely technical and insane. It was amazing to watch Dark Angel play songs including " Darkness Descends, The Promise of Agony and Time Does Not Heal" and every song was delivered with perfect precision.


Next up was One of the last few surviving punk rockers, CJ Ramone! They put on a fun show full of hits. We got to watch them play " Let's Dance, Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, and Blitzkrieg Bop”. As the fans danced the night away and sang at the top of their lungs You knew that everyone was having a fantastic time.


We got to watch songs including "A Letter, New Storm, Woman, I See Everything and King Park" and every song was performed with crashing walls of guitars, bass, drums and lead vocals which made it a fantastic gig in it's own right. La Dispute definitely made sure the fans got a Hyper engaging and energetic set.


Devin Townsends voice and guitar skills were impressive and he easily hit every note in perfect tone. His guitar skills were phenomenal and proved his talent through ambient guitar tones, heavy riffing, and tasty hooks. Devin can play anything from acoustic songs to Heavy Powercord Stabs. The lyrics refelceted his optimism and are unrelenting and a joy to listen to.


Cradle of Filth was up next and as the melodic black metal band took to the stage to deliver heavy music, the crowd went wild! Their sound was incredible, with the occasional blasts and some orchestral and choir additions they performed to perfection.


The blood went through our veins and the fire in our hearts as we watched this set, and it brought a sense of excitement to the fans. In fact nobody does it better than Danko Jones. We got to watch Danko Jones smash out twentyone songs and it was pure bliss. Danko played songs including "I Gotta Rock, I'm in a band, Forget My Name, Dance Dance Dance and My Little RnR" and evey song that was played was rated 11/10.


Ride was up next and their first song of the night was Jump Jet, which proved to be a fantastic opener as the fans got into the full swing of the gig. Laurence Colbert transformed the set as he turned from a man into a machine. The whole band went into overdrive and performed a jaw-dropping set with perfect percussion to match the impressive vocals, Bass and guitar work. We got to watch Ride perform songs including "Dreams Burn Down, All I Want, Vapour Trail and Leave them all behing" and it was a fantastic and energetic show. Ride delivered instrumental shoegaze though an immaculate set which is arguably one of the best musical moments in rock. 


The band of the night was up next, as music blasted through the speakers, everyone was eagerly waiting for Metal Church to come on. As the curtains opened and the stage lights lit up, a cheer of excitement came from the fans and we got to headbang to the first song "Damned If You Do". We continued the night with hard rock guitar chords, thick metal crunch bass, drums and vocals. Metal Church delivered great diversity in their playing technique as they ripped through their songs. 


A tripple header that could kill! Fuck what a fantastic line up for a gig at the Metro Theatre on Saturday night! We got to watch Dope, Wednesday 13 and Static-X play to a sold out venue on one bill and I don't think words do this show justice on how amazing it was. Not only was it a fantastic lineup, but it was also a tribute to Wayne Static who tragically passed away in 2014. 


DevilDriver were up next and they had the crowd at their fingertips from the word go. We got to watch Dez smashing it on vocals, Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann on guitars with Austin D’Amond on drums and Diego Ibarra on bass. Every song was as good as the last and they tore it up time and time again as they ripped through their set.


Jim Grey shined as a singer during their set and delivered fantastic vocals. Sam Vallen played some feisty guitar with engaging changes and vibrant textures. Adrian, Dale, and Josh all played an amazing show full of energy and fun. Caligula's Horse put on a great show full of complex guitar work and unpredictable rhythmic shifts. If you haven't seen them live before, I recommend checking them out.


The crowd was alive with fire on Friday night at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown. As The Doors Alive transported us back in time to the best era of rock in history. We got to watch an amazing two hour set of the best of The Doors Alive.


Next up was Brisbane band Disentomb and everyone was eagerly waiting for this act to come on. The set was full of edgy tones and underground grit that you could really sink your teeth into. The mosh pit was in full force from the word go and the set was energetic. Disentomb played a selection of songs including "Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness, The Great Abandonment, Droning Monoliths and The Decaying Light". Disentomb is widely regarded as one of the most intense death metal bands and you can see why.


We got to watch Senses Fail kick-off there set with 'Tie Her Down' This track was powerful and memorable in more ways than one. They performed a good spread of songs, including "New Jersey Makes, Shark Attack, Lady in a Blue Dress and Bloody Romance" these songs were instrumentally and vocally energetic. The set was full of fun, except there was a lot of emotional lyrical content that accompanied it.


Graham's power vocals were up next and they set the venue on fire. The set kicked off with "Eyes of the World" and it was a really strong start from Graham and the Band. They delivered an extensive playlist of hits and preformed evey song with energy and very catchy chorus.


The energy both on and off the stage was mind-blowing and the fans were having so much fun. Haken walked out on stage to the William Tell Introduction, which was pretty awesome to see. William Tell was the legendary Swiss Folk Hero who was a virtuoso marksman with the crossbow and famous for his arching skills. We also got to watch Haken perform "Clear, Puzzle Box, A Cell Divides, 1985, Veil and The Architect".


Next up was the act everyone had been waiting for Bolzer. Fans quickly came to the stage and everyone claimed their spot and were ready to rock. As you looked into the crowd the headbanging was in full force and the metal horns were up in the air. We got to watch Bolzer deliver a set full of atmospheric and innovative blackened death metal, laced with memorable hooks and otherworldly vibes. 


The opening song was "Godspeed" and was played like you were hit in the face with rock! The fans went crazy for this song and the participation was extremely present from the word go. This set kicked off with an exuberant amount of force. The set was full of heavy, catchy, fast-paced tune featured some of the most memorable hooks of the show.


Korpiklaani played their songs in speeding style and showed off there masterpieces in folklore, nature. The set was a drinking frenzy matched with a mosh pit to match and a whole lot of entertainment. We got to watch them kick off the set with "Neito" and the pit was insane from the word go. We also got to listen to songs including "Hunting Song, Rauta, Ukon wacka, Lempo and You Looked Into My Eyes".


There was a wide variety of music played last night, all with Eluveitie’s touch and the fans loved it. They played some upbeat songs as well as delivering fierce vocals and gracefully beautiful counterparts. This really is one of the key elements of Eluveitie's music.


Avantasia delivered the most fantastic arrangements imaginable. The show had killer hooks with a massive lightning display. When you looked down into the mosh pit everyone was singing along to all the songs and it was epic. Tobias also encouraged everyone in the audience to join in.


Next up was the one and only Loudness from Japan. There were fans from Japan that had flown in for this amazing show. There was one girl in the front row that had been to over 120 shows over her life. Loudness played my favorite song first, they kicked off the set with "Crazy Night". Loudness also played songs from their 1985 album "Thunder in the East", they played "Like Hell, Heavy Chains and We could be together" as this is my favorite album I was absolutely stoked to hear these songs live. 


Hypocrisy stepped on stage in Sydney for the first time on Friday night and they kicked off their set with "Fractured Millennium" off their self titled album Hypocrisy. We also got to see them play "End of Disclosure, Eraser, Fire In The Sky, Warpath and The Final Chapter" among many of there other hits. They brought a lot of energy to the venue as we saw the circle pit in full force. Hypocrisy closed with "Roswell 47" and everyone was sad to see the concert come to a end.


In Australia, Live Nation National Concert Week will include offers such as a major prize draw giving fans the chance to win seven prizes across seven days including money can't buy experiences with Post Malone and Amy Shark, and a heap of promotions and discount offers for fans across a range of shows, May 1 – 7, 2019.


We also got to see Ali Tabatabaee jump into the audience and talk to all his fans. Everyone crouched down and jumped up and down with Ali as well. The whole band was walking through the crowd in different parts of the set (well besides the drummer). We got to watch Zebrahead play songs including "Rescue Me, We're Not Alright, Worse Than This, Falling Apart and many more.


At The Gates concluded the night and what a way to leave the venue. We got to watch At The Gates play "To Drink from the Night Itself, At War with Reality, Slaughter of the Soul, Cold, A Stare Bound in Stone, Circular Ruins,  Death and the Labyrinth, Daggers of Black Haze, Under a Serpent Sun and Mirror Black. This set was full of energy and a relentless crowd that just wanted to keep the party going. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and At The Gates left us with "The Night Eternal".


The Story So Far had spectacular lighting and a great set full of energy, it would be impossible to replicate such a fantastic show. Parker put in a lot of energy into the set and it made the fans even more excited. 


Jukka Pelkonen said, "The next song we are going to play for you is from the Beyond album, a bit slower but it is a song that you can headbang to, this one is called "The Unknowing" and the crowd headbangers along to the whole song. The next songs of the night were "Driven By Conflict" and "Refining".


HEAVY METAL TRUANTS VII - Seven Deadly Spins Cycling 300kms To Raise Funds For Children’s Charities London to The Download Festival June 12-14


The lights went dim and the crowd started chanting for one more song. Pop Evil came back on stage and Leigh said "We came all this way, I assume you do not just want one song as an encore" as the fans cheered Pop Evil continued to play three more songs "100 in a 55, Waking Lions and Trenches" to finish off an epic night. 


NUCLEAR BLAST LAUNCHES AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND A&R DIVISION. Nuclear Blast; the powerhouse Record Label with the most prestigious roster of hard rock and metal artists in the world, has announced a new A&R venture into the Australian and New Zealand Market! Home to bands such as Opeth, Machine Head, Slayer, Anthrax, Nightwish, Rob Zombie, Lamb Of God, Accept, Sabaton and many more Nuclear Blast is record label giant.


Ihsahn stopped and interacted with his fans again. Ihsahn said into the microphone "Inno a" and the crowd yelled back "Satana" then Ihsahn went back to the microphone twice more and the crowd got louder with their response each time. Emperor played their next song of the night."Inno a Satana" and the fans went crazy. Emperor finished off the night with a  photo with his fans.


Phil dedicated the next part of the set to Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell from Pantera opening up with the song "Mouth Of War" which was released 1992 in off the Vulgar Display of Power Album followed by another hit song "Becoming".


For the very first time, German progressive and technical death metal Obscura bought their jaw-dropping musical talent to our shores. Alchemy, Somnium Nox and  Alarum got to accompany this act and it was an amazing show full of metal.


John corabi played at the crowbar last night to a sold out venue. He graced our shores by playing the entire 94 Motley Crue Album for the last time ever in Sydney and man I can grantee it was not for the faint hearted. This was the moment fans had been waiting for, this is the album everyone finally got to see live.


Max then stopped and spoke to the fans, he said  "I would like to Thank You very much Australia for the hospitality to the crew and your beautiful country. Thank You so much, we hope you can come back next year and the year after and the year after. We are All going to sing this together, this is my favourite song this is AC/DC for Bon Scott this is ACDC Dirty Deeds". The crowd shouts back Done Dirt Cheap then Max and Igor start singing "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and the crowd sings along to every word.


I was sitting in LA one day in a little office it was a dressing room and this guy walks in and slams the door open and walks in. I hear someone shit followed by do do do fuck that didn't stop him. I was going to say it was some shity f****** pot the funniest thing with Michael is really like to have some do do do stories. 


Slayer was defiantly the stand out of the day as they treated us to an array of songs including South of Heaven, War Ensemble, Payback and of course Raining Blood. It was amazing for their last ever show in Sydney.


Earthless is a instrumental psychedelic rock band from San Diego, California consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. The band formed in 2001 and has released six studio albums and two live albums. Earthless played at Narrabeen RSL tonight and it was a dynamic show that is hard to describe unless you go and see them live.


Ensiferum were up next, they walked out on stage one by one and the crowd started cheering you could tell everyone was excited for the shoe. Ensiferum opened their set with "For Those About To Fight" and continued their show with "Two Pahts, Heathen Horde and Twilight Tavern". 


Zeal & Ardor then stopped and spoke to their fans, they said "We don't talk much, we are going to play  songs for you is that ok with you" as the crowd cheers loudly Zeal & Ardor continue on with their set. The next set of songs were "Waste, Ship On Fire, Stranger Fruit, Grave Diggers Chant, Fire On Motions, Built On Ashes, We Can't Be Found and Don't You Dare". 


Watain also played "Furor Damnation, Sacred Damnation, Cenotaph, Malfeitor, Sanctuary and Return" these songs were delivered outstandingly, the variety of intro riffs were catchy and everyone loved the set. Watain ended the night with "Serpent's Chalice". It was a great night of Death Metal by candlelight and if you haven't already seen them, you should definitely catch a show sometime soon.


Trapt played countless hits over the night, including their songs "Headstrong’, ‘Echo’, ‘Still Frame’ and ‘These Walls'. Chris pulled out his acoustic guitar guitar and played 'Stories' as you looked out into the you could see everyone singing and hear their voice. Trapt also played a song off their new album DNA.


In lieu of Ozzy’s cancellation, we will also offer all current ticket holders a merchandise voucher to the value of $45 plus postage and handling available from our online shop at from 9am AEDT Monday 4 March 2019. Ticket holders must enter their ticket number to redeem the voucher. This voucher is only redeemable online and cannot be redeemed at the event. Voucher is valid for the full Official Event Merchandise range.


Faster Pussycat played "Don't Change" which was originally sung by INXS' it was a crowd pleaser and Faster Pussycat pulled off a fantastic cover. Next up was Another great hit "Bathroom Wall". I Saw your number written on the wall, Said baby for a good time call, call 281-7668, Hey baby I can't wait I got your number off the bathroom wall were some of the lyris that everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. 


Next up was "What Are You Waiting For, Something In Your Mouth and Where do I die". Chad then announced that the next song they were going to play was a song that everyone would know and you would of heard it in the Spiderman movie, if you haven't guessed it already the next the song was "Hero".


  • Stops killing live music in NSW

  • Forms a music regulation roundtable to review all regulation impacting live music

  • Immediately undertakes a Regulatory Impact Statement for any regulation impacting music festivals

  • Develops an industry standard with full transparency for user-pays policing and medical services

  • Works with the music industry to develop robust, effective and achievable safety protocols for festivals


It has been 4 years since Alestorm sailed into Sydney and in that time they released their newest album ‘No Grave But The Sea’ and while they did play many hits off that such as ‘Fucked with an Anchor’ and ‘Mexico’ they didn’t forget to play their classics like ‘Drink’, ‘Captain Morgan’s revenge’ and ‘Nancy the Tavern Wench’.


During the first set the Symths kicked off their set with "Hand in Glove" the fans were singing and dancing from the word go. The set contained with the hits you know and love including "Queen Is Dead, Never had no one ever, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, Big Mouth Strikes Again, Vicar in a Tutu and Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" among many of their other songs. The last song of the set was "Barbarism Begins at Home". 


Dee - We went on to perform in the day time for the first time and it was our debuted in England. We had no record out and for some odd reason, we were at a festival in a football stadium. By default, we ended up going on right before Motorhead in daylight and this is true we had never done it. The Motorhead crowd are there in the stadium.


Dee Snider came on stage and opened up the night with "Lies are a Business" then Dee said ".Alright Australia, if you're ready to kick some ass sing D f****** Snider" Dee  continued with the songs " Tomorrow's No Concern" followed by "You Can't Stop RNR, Beast, American Made, The First Time still burns" and "Roll Over You". 

2017 - Twinmusix
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