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The Manning Bar has played host to many metal and rock bands over the years that have played audiences to crack the foundations with their mosh pits and tonight was no different. Switchfoot graced the Manning Bar ready to destroy it and leave the audience wanting more.

Dial Denial opened up the concert and they played a killer set with awesome guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, they got us ready for the main act, Switchfoot. 

The lights dimmed, and Switchfoot walked on stage and greeted the audience. They started the set with 'Beloved' Jon Foreman’s vocals were captivating as they flooded the audience's ears guided by the heavenly rhythm produced by the other members of this stellar band.

Last month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jerome Fontamillas, one of the guitar players in the band. In our interview, he discussed with us some of his inspirations that lead him to his career in music and why it is a passion for him. You could see that and hear that passion on stage tonight, not just from him but from the rest of the band too.

Jon said " We are going to play some new songs tonight and we are going to play some old songs tonight. This song is dedicated to a woman I met earlier today, who said "this is the song they are going to walk down the aisle to". All yall hang on for 4 minutes this one's for you. Then Jon said "let's turn off the lights and give it a little warmth and Sydney Australia, I see those Fireflies they are pretty. This one is called 'I Won't Let You Go' the audience turned on their phone lights and it lit the crowd out like the night sky.

United in music the band played more hits like 'Worth the fight' and 'Stars'. The audience was alive, I looked around and there was a group of people in front of me who were head banging along, their hair flying wildly through the air and another group was swaying along. I could feel the bass from Chad Butler's drums and I was captivated. He truly gave it all he got maintaining and guiding the band through their setlist.

Jon held a guys hand in the mosh pit while he was standing on the barriers and said " so I would like to give it up for my incredible friends out here. My brother Tim playing the bass and my friend here that are supporting me, what is your name" the guy in the audience said, "My name is Matt" Jon said "everyone say hello Matt, this is a lot of trust that you have for me and I have for you and I feel like you are supporting me through some hard times and I appreciate it". This song is dedicated to the fact that you might only read the difference between Californians and the rest of the world. We might actually have a couple of things in common me and Matt were just discussing it and we decided together well this is what I decided what we have in common is insurmountable greater than anything we could disagree about do you feel that Australia" as the crowd cheered "so this one goes like this and that goes out to Matt" this is "If I were you" the crowd jumped around with Jon in the audience.

With perfect concentration, you could hear the skill of his trained hands as he beat the crash cymbal and bass drum accompanying the guitars and further pushing the music into the crowd.

'Hello Hurricane' was up next and Jon asked Chad to bring up the snare drum the band stood around the snare drums with their guitars bass guitars and microphones and the audience sang back every word.

The band paused, the audience calmed, and Jon took a moment with the audience and expressed how happy he and the band were to be back in Australia.

'If I were you' and 'Native Tongue' Continuing through the night I would have to say those two songs were probably my highlights from tonight, the way that Jon interacted with his brother Tim shredding it on the guitar as they shared vocals and Jon walked across the stage and walked into the audience and sung with the crowd.

Switchfoot walked off stage and the crowd started chanting one more song, Switchfoot walked back out on stage and played two more songs the whole night Tim Forman was on fire. The way he plucked the guitar and seamlessly switched up his riffs was amazing to watch. You could hear both his and Drew Shirley’s skill on 'Only one' and 'Dare.' What a Great end to a fantastic show, and it will be etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. 

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