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Twinmusix is a Press and Photography website located in Sydney Australia that started in October 2016. The website is owned by Twins Amelia and Elizabeth Thompson and has grown rapidly since they first started.


Twinmusix started off interviewing bands on on the local scene and quickly moved into the international market with their first international festival Hellfest in 2017. They worked on Hellfest 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 and work with bands weekly in all areas of media.



Amelia Thompson


 I am a co-owner of I write reviews, conduct interviews and takes photography for my website.


I am a professional Journalist from Sydney Australia and I have completed a Degree in Bachelor of Business majoring in Events Management at International College of Management Sydney. I have also studied digital photography at Macquarie College.

I started my website in October 2016 with my twin sister Elizabeth Thompson. Since we started we have Covered press and photography at Hellfest in France, Good Things, Download Festival and Glam Fest. We photograph, review and interview local and international bands weekly that come to Australia. 

Elizabeth Thompson 


I am professional journalist from Sydney, Australia.


I have studied digital photography at Macquarie College. I am a co-owner of and I interview bands, review gigs and take photography for my website both in Australia and all around the globe.

I work with promoters from all around the world including festivals such as Hellfest and I am constantly networking to grow my brand.

We started our website in 2016 and have accomplished a lot in a short period of time and looks forward to continuing in the future.

Harrison Bray 


is a professional musician from Sydney Australia. He is an avid music enthusiast with a deep love for heavy metal and hard rock.  He started listening to bands such as Metallica and AC/DC when he was at school.

Harrison studied for a Diploma of Music at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney graduating with a major in contemporary performance.  He originally started writing album reviews for himself and his friends as a hobby. He is Twinmusix Cheif editor and does an amazing job.

Harrison’s public experience with music is well founded. He has performed several live gigs for the public and attends live hard rock karaoke at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney. He is a key part of twinmsix and photographs, reviews and interviews bands.

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