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Three epic bands played at Crowbar last night. Dangerous Curve were first up, and they were off the charts, everyone really enjoyed the rock they brought to the stage. Sisters Doll, one of Australia’s leading rock n roll bands, brought the fun of rock ‘n’ roll into the venue and Crashdiet were the band we had been waiting to see after five postponed shows we finally got to see the crazy fun band jump onto the barriers with the audience and sing with their fans. 

Dangerous Curves opened up the night and they give an Enuff Z'Nuff vibe, with the music they played. Their old-school sounding classics 'Blow', 'In Those Eyes' and 'Good and Bad' gave a unique edge, with their upbeat riffs and mad drum beats.  

As Sisters Doll walked on stage the venue filled and the crowd was ready to go. Sisters Doll opened the set with 'All Dolled Up', 'Black 'Mirror' and 'Dollhouse' they brought big riffs and proper old-school guitar solos to the venue. The fans sang back the lyrics to the Sisters Doll and they played killer chorus that took you back in time. It's always a pleasure to watch Sisters Doll play the stage, as they grace their fans with the same energy that they receive.

The one and only Crashdiet were up next, the powerful sleaze rock band that came all the way from Sweden, played fourteen powerful anthems with massive drum beats, guitars and bass riffs and powerful vocals.

As Crashdiet kicked off their set with 'Together Whatever' we got to listen to classic rock anthems that compelled everyone to sing along. Next up was 'Shine On', 'Down With The Dust' and 'Reptile' these songs brought heavy bass lines and sharp chords and it supercharged the fans for what was coming next. 

As they continued the set with 'Cocaine Cowboy', 'In The Raw', 'Tikket' and 'Riot In Everyone' the powerful chords, chorus and melodies bounced off the walls in the venue and the energy in the mosh pit and on stage proved that it was a legendary show. As you listened to Crashdiets songs they proved they have great songwriting skills and the attitude to match.

As the night came to a close, we were sad to leave the three epic glam metal bands. Crashdiet finished the night with 'Breakin the Chainz', 'Queen Obscene' and 'Generation Wild' it made you feel like you were on the sunset strip. Crashdiet absolutely slayed their set and I would definitely see them again.

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