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The one and only Senses Fail played at crowbar in Sydney last night and Newcastle band Eat Your Heart Out opened the show.


Eat Your Heart Out kicked off the set to a packed venue. We got to watch frontwoman Caitlin kill it as she performed on stage! Her powerful vocals drew you in and she knew how to engage with her fans. The band also put on a magnificent show full of energy and fun. If you haven't seen Eat Your Heart Out, I recommend going to see them at their next gig.

Next up was the band that everyone had been waiting for, Senses Fail. As the lights dimmed and music started playing across the speakers everyone was singing and dancing. You knew you were in for a great show, just based on the energy of the fans. As the curtains opened the band walked on stage there were cheers and screams of excitement from everyone.


We got to watch Senses Fail kick-off there set with 'Tie Her Down' This track was powerful and memorable in more ways than one. They performed a good spread of songs, including "New Jersey Makes, Shark Attack, Lady in a Blue Dress and Bloody Romance" these songs were instrumentally and vocally energetic. The set was full of fun, except there was a lot of emotional lyrical content that accompanied it.


The guitar work was heavy and there was a lot of power that came through. Senses Fail also had some pop element to lift the songs. They also delivered catchier guitar hooks and guitar solos to help lift the spirit of the music too. The poppier elements were a juxtaposition against the darker lyrics that also shows the light beaming through the nightmares.


If you haven't listened to Senses Fail I definitely recommend seeing them live at there next gig. They know how to put on a great show and the atmosphere in the venue was crazy.


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