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Ahoy crew! New album Ho! That’s right crew! Alestorm have officially released their 6th studio album ‘Curse of the Crystal Coconut’ and I don’t have to tell you it’s a fucking powerful album!!


On January 8 the pirate metal legends from Scotland announced the title of their 6th studio album and it was met with an amazing reception! Pirates around the world waited by their mailboxes eagerly for their copy of the album and have been listening to it on repeat since it arrived!


This new album has 11 tracks of incredible vocals and keytar provided by Christopher Bowes, the heavy riffs of Máté Bodor, the driving bass played by Gareth Murdoch, the heavy as fuck drums smashed by Peter Alcorn, and quick and precise keys and growling vocals of Elliot Vernon. A powerful crew of musicians!


As well as the powerful crew, alestorm had some special guest appearances from Captain Yarrface of Rumahoy on the rap metal track ‘Tortuga’. Patty Gurdy on the Hurd hurdy gurdy and vocals on ‘Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship’, and Mathias ‘Vreth’ Lillmåns on vocals for ‘Chomp Chomp’.


In the lead up to the release of the album; Alestorm released the videos for Treasure Chest Party Quest, Tortuga (ft Captain Yarrface), and Fannybaws on YouTube where fans poured in from around the world and various time zones to watch the release of the songs.


Overall this album is a masterpiece! Every single track is a banger! It has a follow up to the 2014 track ‘Wooden Leg’ with ‘Wooden Leg part 2’ and it’s incredible! If you haven’t already bought the album go do so and listen to it on repeat!!!

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