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Canadian progressive heavy music genius, Devin Townsend, played ‘An Evening With’ solo acoustic tour at The York theater last night. Devin was hilarious and engaged the fans with every word. When the audience yelled out Devin was quick to respond with a smart and witty respone and he played amazing music to accompany the night.


The intimate evenings will feature Devin performing tracks from across his catalogue, as well as taking part in a Q&A where fans get to know Devin on a more personal level. This proved to be a unique & special experience for all in attendance and I wish more artists offered this unique experience to their fans.



We got to listen to Devin Play songs from his projects including strapping young lads and Devin Townsend. We got to listen to songs including "Funeral, Love?, Bring on the Young and Thing Beyond Things". Fans requested "Hide Nowhere and Noisy Pink Bubbles" and they were performed with as much energy as other songs.


Devin Townsends voice and guitar skills were impressive and he easily hit every note in perfect tone. His guitar skills were phenomenal and proved his talent through ambient guitar tones, heavy riffing, and tasty hooks. Devin can play anything from acoustic songs to Heavy Powercord Stabs. The lyrics refelceted his optimism and are unrelenting and a joy to listen to.

It was a joy to listen to such an amazing artists that knows how to put on an amazing set and can be so diverse with his music. It was refreshing to listen to Devin talk to his fans and treat everyone with such respect. Devin Townsend put on an amazing show and I would definitely go to another show if I had the chance. I can't really describe how amazing it was. You have to go and see it for yourself.

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