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Gatecreeper is quite the deal in the death metal world and we got to watch them live last night at the Crowbar in Sydney, With Chase H. Mason on Vocals, Eric Wagner on Guitar, Israel Garza on Guitar, Alex Brown on Bass and Metal Matt Arrebollo on Drums.

Kruelty from Tokyo Japan kicked off the set with their death metal and hardcore heart wrenching emotion, With Zuma on Guitar and vocals, Mani on Drums, Ken on Guitar and Seina on Bass, they showed Australia what they are made of. Kruelty kicked off their set with "Harder than Before" and the punchy, intense, and fast bass lines by Senia set the mood for the show. 

As Kruelty continued with "Ancient Words, Bloodless Mankind and Burn the System" Zuma's earthquake vocals, Mani’s mountain-crumbling drums and Ken's crunching guitar work sent a hefty dose of doom metal into the room.

This band certainly hits the nail on the head when it comes to opening the set for the main act and knows how to dial it up to eleven with its pit-killing antics. 

As Gatecreeper kicked off the set, the crowd moved forward and the mosh pit was ready to go. The band started their set with "Sweltering Madness" and the grinding riffs and vocalis by Chase H. Mason were roar and hoarse. The big beefy basslines rocked the house and we were ready for their next songs. Next up was "Puncture Wounds and Ruthless" and these songs were crushingly heavy and dark with Speedy and intense thunderous notes.

Gatecreeper continued to blow our minds with "Craving Flesh, starved and caught in the threads" and Matt's double kick talent and tempo on the drums set a solid beat for the night. Gatecreeper continued to play a series of hits including "From The Ashes, Patriarchal Grip and The Black Curtain" The guitarist's Eric and Israel gave us intricate guitar riffs and mad rhythms while Alex played an underpinned solid basslines.

As Gatecreeper played their last song "Flamethrower" the raw vocals and blew everyone away and the energy was dynamite for the whole set. The band filled the venue with pure metal and we can't wait to see Gatecreeper in Australia again one day.

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