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‘Beer! Beer!’ were the words going through Manning Bar last night as we got to watch Korpiklaani plat their headline show in Sydney. Saralisse kicked off the show in true Fantasy folk metal style with fun riffs and great lyrics.


Next up was something completely different and something I haven't seen before, the band Troldhaugen from Wollongong and they describe their music on Facebook as "Seafood Sounds", which instantly made me curious as to what I was in for. The set was fun, lively and full of energy. The band played songs including "Jaw Drop, ¡Mambo Mambo!, It’s Morphine Time and Viva Loa Vegas". Their set definitely got the crowd warmed up for Korpiklaani.

As the lights dimmed, Korpiklaani walked on stage and were ready to rock. The Folk Metal Superstars brought out all their instruments in true style and we got to watch them play a full set with Guitars, the Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion, accordion, drums, Fiddle and bass which delivered a truly unique sound to all the fans.

Korpiklaani played their songs in speeding style and showed off there masterpieces in folklore, nature. The set was a drinking frenzy matched with a mosh pit to match and a whole lot of entertainment. We got to watch them kick off the set with "Neito" and the pit was insane from the word go. We also got to listen to songs including "Hunting Song, Rauta, Ukon wacka, Lempo and You Looked Into My Eyes".


Korpiklaani closed night with the most highly anticipated songs of the night, "Beer Beer, Vodka, and Happy Little Boozer” which were delivered with absolute perfection. We got to watch Korpiklaani deliver a toe-tapping performance and some excellent musicianship on display. If you haven't already got a ticket you should definitely go to this show, you don't want to miss out drinking beer and vodka with these legends.



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