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Korpiklaani is a Folk Metal band from Finland.  The band members are Jonne (Vocals, Guitars, Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion), Sami (accordion), Matson (drums), Rounakari (Fiddle), Jarkko (bass) and Cane (guitars). 


Korpiklaani released their debut album''Sprit Of The Forest'' in 2003 via Napalm Records. Korpiklaani brought out their second record''Voice Of Wilderness'' in 2005. The third album ''Tales Along This Road'' in 2006 and played Wacken Open Air. In 2007 Korpiklaani released their DVD and album ''Tervaskanto''. After a few sessions in studio came out the album ''Korven Kuningas'' in 2008. In 2009, Korpiklaani released their sixth album ''Karkelo''.

In 2011 ''Ukon Wacka'' was published via Nuclear Blast. Then they produced their eighth studio album. "Manala''. Korpiklaani also released the original Finnish version of ''Manala'' with a bonus CD including the album in English in August 2012. The band came back once again from the Finnish forests in May 2015 to deliver their new effort ''Noita''. Last year Korpiklaani released their new album Kulkija. 

Twinmusix got to speak to Tuomas Rounakari about their upcoming tour and more. 

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

TR - It has been a long time since we have been there and we are really excited and happy to come back. Last time we were there we were flying a lot and we did not get to see the vastness of your country. This time we will be driving a bit, I am excited to see nature and more of your country. We will be playing a lot of new material, that is what we always do on live sets. We will also play a lot of classics that we love playing, there will always be some of the new music and some of our old classics.

TM - What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia?

TR - Last time I was there it was a great experience. I am crazy about sailing old wooden boats and I found the guy that has an old wooden sailing boat from Sweden. I contacted him and said I would like to see the boat and he invited me on a race on a Thursday. I saw the city from sailing into the harbour in Sydney, it was one of the best tours I have ever been on.


TM - What a cool way to see Sydney, it is so awesome being out on the harbour. I am sure you had a great day. 


TM - What is your favorite festival you have played?


TR - Hellfest, I love that festival. It is really well organised and amazing to play.


TM - I love Hellfest, I cannot wait to go back. It is defiently the bast festival I have been to in my life. 

TM - How have fans responded to your new album "Kulkija"?


TR - The press has embraced the album in an unusual way, they either love it or hate it. To me this means it is going really well because they either praise the album or hate the album. This means that we have done something really well because if you get the three star all the time you are not touching anybody or reaching under the skin. When people start to love you they also start to hate you and this means you are doing something right. 

We are also drawing bigger crowds and getting more types of people at our shows, which I love. You always have those fans that like the first album or the second album and then hate you for the rest of your life and there is nothing you can do about it. I think that we have had a lot of new fans lately, it is interesting to see the different opinions that people have on this band and what different people like about this band.

TM - I have only heard good things about your new album from your fans. Everyone is really excited that you are coming back here too. 

TM - What was your writing and recording process for Your new Album Kulkija?

TR -  We all helped write songs on the new album and participate as much as we want to, sometimes we will write a song together and sometimes separate.

TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

TR - Beer Beer was done in 14 different languages to promote people doing the song in their native languages. It doesn't matter what the lyrics say when you hear them, but when you sing in your native tongue it is more authentic the emotional side of the music is better presented.

TM - That is cool, I love how you have included so many cultures. What a awesome way to include everyone. 

TM - What is your favorite memory of watching someone else perform live?

TR - I saw Napalm Death on the side of the stage many times because we have been on the same days on the same festivals. I love that band they always deliver a great purifying aggressive and humor of energy it changes how you feel in an unusual way.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

TR - Our shows are about Joy and giving in and being silly in our own way. We still want to do this and still find the energy to do this. We have energy in our own way and have the habit of still doing this that's our secret. Anyone coming to the show, prepare to have fun in your own way and don't care what everyone else thinks.

TM - Awesome, we cannot wait to see you in Sydney. Thank you for our interview today.



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