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Alestorm played at the metro theatre last night and they were here to Drink your beer and P.A.R.T.Y! Theres just no party like an Alestorm party!


Evocatus opened the show with their catchy songs the crowd was really into it and singing along. They played songs off their album Path to Tartarus such as Centurion, and some new unreleased songs In Graves Unknown and Serpent of Chaos. To cap off their set, they closed with Fall of Odin from their 2017 album Mortem in Deos and they turned The Metro into a large rowing pit. It could only be described as an explosive start to the evening!

From the moment valhalore took the stage Sophie gave an epic performance with her tin pipe and the epicness of the sound filled the venue. Vocalist Lachlan delivered clean and growled vocals it was peformed effortlessly showing his large range of talent in all areas, while commanding the crowd.  The audience were ready and waiting to join in. It created a buzzing atmosphere that got the fans ready for Alestorm. Just like every time they come to Sydney, Valhalore put on a perfect show!

When the giant inflatable duck was uncovered on the stage, the fans knew it was time for Alestorm with their story telling and catchy songs 


Alestorm took to the stage and opened with Keelhauled and the crowd went wild screaming for more!

Treasure Chest Party Quest up next with it’s tasty choruses,  riffs,  singing, heavy drums and bass. Captain Bowes then addressed the crowd, "boys and girls are you ready to have some fun tonight!? Boys and girls you will know this next one! Put your hands in the air" and the crowd raised their hands up and started clapping along to Mexico.


Throughout the night the audience had their minds blown by the Keyboard skills of both Chris and Elliot’s playing their solos that were blended into the mix Contuining with songs Magellans Expedition and The Sunken Norwegian! Not to mention the insane shredding of Mate ‘Bobo’ Bodor on guitar, the powerful riffs of Gareth Murdoch on bass, and not forgetting the legendary drumming of Peter Alcorn!!


Alestorm was up next the self titled track The vocals were worthy of all the piarites attention. The audience were singing along with Captain Bowes with great enthusiasm!


Tortuga was next which adds just another layer of excellence to the set, and the audience were given the great treat of Captain Yarrface of Rumahoy joining the band on stage to sing with them! After this Chris welcomed "the man the myth the legend the one and only Beef Guy" on stage, Beef Guy then proceeded to chug a bottle of Jäegermeister to the roar of the crowd! Chris then said to the fans "this one's for those of you who’re going to wake up feeling like the inside of a dogs anus" and played Hangover and Beef Guy sang the rap verse of the song originally by Taio Cruz. The cover was a good song that blended into the setlist!

For their next song Zombies ate my pirate ship, half way through the song Beef Guy came out dressed up as a girl and sang the chorus.  This was then followed by Nancy the tavern wench, which the crowd happily sang along to like the perfect sea shanty being sung by sailors in a tavern. Next up was Rumpelkombo which means "group of rowdy idiots”.


P.A.R.T.Y. made you want to grab a drink and sing along, leaving no sailor behind grab your crew and sing along arm in arm!


Next up was Captain Morgans Revenge from their debut album that made you want to "raise up your pint of rum and take another swig". 


Next up Alestorm storm sang Shit boat (no fans) and then walked off stage, the crowd started yelling one more song and they walked back on stage for an encore! Christopher introduced everyone on the the stage one by one and played three more songs to finish off the show Drink, Pirate Metal Drinking Crew and Fucked with An Anchor, the crowd was singing along every word!


As the night came to a close it was time grab your favourite type of rum, put you eye patch on and leave the venue, eagerly awaiting the next time you are going to see Alestorm on stage.

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