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Livewire, Rum Ahoy, and  Gloryhammer played at The Crowbar last night and it felt like you were in a land of unicorns with three amazing bands to take you on the journey.

Livewire were first to take the stage, a speed and thrash metal band from Sydney, hitting the stage playing 'Venom Lord, 'Attack Attack Attack' and 'Insecticide' with fast riffs, heavy drums, loud bass, and wailing vocals.

They continued with 'Midnight Sun, 'Turbo Shark' and 'Lockjaw Deathroll' which made you want to head-bang all night to catchy songs.

Next up were Rum Ahoy, one of the best pirate metal bands to take the sea, oops i mean the stage, and it was time to drink some rum, fire your treasure gun, and sail the high seas! They opened the set with Cowboys Of The Sea, and the crowd went fucking crazy! 

As continued with Ahoy, the classic up beat track kept you engaged and made you want to party with the band.

Next up was Harambe, Treasure Gun, and I’m Not Looking For Love. The guitars had a lot of power and driving force, the beat of the bass drums, and the heavy lines from the bass guitar spread through the room as Rumahoy played Time 2 Party and 1000 Years Of Dust. 

Captain Yarrface sang Forrest Party, with his hilarious and powerful vocals that made everyone sing along and drink the night away to more fun Songs. 

As Rumahoy played their last song Pirate Ship, it was the perfect final song for their set which made you want to party and drink and demand more!

Gloryhammer were up next to lead the crowd into a battle of a mosh pit and jumping straight into Holy Flaming Hammer, and Gloryhammer, and the crowd was engaged with the band right from the start.


The Guitar solos spread through the room which elevated the atmosphere in the room,The drums gave power and impulsion to the songs,

it made you want to stick your horns up high and head bang as hard as you could.

Land Of Unicorns, Legend Of The Astral Hammer, and Fly Away played which catapult the songs through the room brought in the crowd closer to the stage with their great melodies and choruses. 

The bass guitar had a thick sound, the keyboard was awesome, the guitar was incredible and the vocals of the prince of Dundee himself Angus McFife blew the roof off the venue and the minds of the crowd. 

Gloryhammer walked off stage and the crowd started cheering for more, as they walked back on stage the crowd started screaming as they played their hits such as Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol, Universe On Fire, and The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee. It was an epic night and then (much to the sadness of the audience) Gloryhammer had to Fly Away to play a show in Canberra on the 5th and Brisbane on the 7th

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