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Omnium Gatherum and  Orpheus Omega played at Crowbar in Sydney last night, It was an epic night full of headbanging and energy.

Orpheus Omega an Australian Melodic Death Metal from Melbourne kicked off the set and they put on a tight performance with perfect precision. Orpheus Omega played a fantastic set and played songs including "Karma Favours The Weak, Suffer, Winds of Change and Sealed In Fate".

Next up was the one and only Omnium Gatherum. As fans eagerly awaited for Omnium Gatherum to come on stage and when they opened the set with "Burning Cold". The crowd went wild with excitement and the next song was "Gods Go First".

Jukka Pelkonen then stopped and said "let me see those horns up in the air" and the crowd held up their metal horns high. Omnium Gatherum continued to play more hits such as "Frontiers" and "Nail", but the band wasn't finished yet and neither was the crowd. Omnium Gatherum played two more songs "Be The Sky" and "Battlefield".​

Omnium Gatherum

Jukka Pelkonen said, "The next song we are going to play for you is from the Beyond album, a bit slower but it is a song that you can headbang to, this one is called "The Unknowing" and the crowd headbangers along to the whole song. The next songs of the night were "Driven By Conflict" and "Refining".

Jukka Pelkonen said "Thank You, I know I am a creative person so I need some more are you guys going to give me some"  the Crowd cheered and Jukka said "Now we are going to go back in time to 2011 when the world was new and the shadows were new this one is called "New World Shadows". The next song was "Cold" which was of their album The Burning Cold which came out in 2018. 

Omnium Gatherum

Now it was time for the encore and Omnium Gatherum played 3 more songs "Luoto, New Dynamic" and "Skyline". It was a night to remember with so much energy and power from the band and the audience. If you haven't seen Omnium Gatherum yet I recommend rocking out with them sometime soon. 



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