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Killrazer, Speedball and D.R.I. played on Thursday night at the Crowbar in Sydney. As the Doors opened the crowd rushed to the front of the barrier ready for a punk filled night.

Killrazer kicked off their set with The Legions, as the fast paced riffs and electric vocals rang out, they made the crowd go wild. As they continued with Salt in the Wound and Theatre of War, the bass guitar lines and thundering drums created a thrilling atmosphere in the venue.

As Sydney based punk band, Speedball, walked on stage we knew we were in for an epic set. Not only were they playing with D.R.I. in Sydney, they are doing the whole tour. As Speedball kicked off their set with Go To Hell, the towering vocals and harmonies created intoxicating elements and the blazing tempos made you excited for the next song.

As Speedball continued with their hits Paranoid and Speechless, the heavy bass guitar and energetic drumming showed us why they deserve to be on this tour. As Speedball finished the set with Struggle Street they left the fans buzzing on a high. As you looked into the crowd you could see the excitement on everyone's face and they were ready for D.R.I.

The lights dimmed and then D.R.I walked on stage, and everyone had brought their moshing shoes. As D.R.I. kicked off their set with The Application, the feedback bounced off the walls of the venue. As they continued their set with Hooked, The Explorer, and Karma, the powering set of irresistibly catchy melodies captured the crowd's attention, and the circle pits opened up, and everyone was caught in a mosh.

The heavy bass lines, ferocious drumming and speedy guitars continued through the songs Acid Rain and Heaves, as the crowd cheered for more.

Gruff vocals went through your ears as D.R.I. played Thrashed and Who Am I, as they Smashed through their set to their final song The Five Year Plan, the crowd went crazy.

This gig brought crossover thrash and hardcore punk vibes to the Crowbar in Sydney that amped up the fans from beginning to end. If you get a chance to see these artists live, go! Anytime, anywhere, for any song, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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