Madam Wong, Death By Stereo and Zebrahead played at the Crowbar in Sydney last night and I don't think I have ever seen so much energy put into a show. There was non stop jumping and the interaction with the fans was insane. It really was a show you had to be at and experience the atmosphere first hand. 

Madam Wong kicked off the night with a good set. The Sydney based band has three members Si on drums, Brock on bass and Pete on guitar and vocals. The band definitely got you warmed up for the rest of the night.

Next up was Death By Stereo, now this was unique from the word go, one of the band members walked through the Crowbar to tell everyone that they were about to playing their set. As everyone walked in he told the fans to move closer to the front and that was it, a crazy night unfolded from here.

Death By Stereo played a fantastic set, the band jumped in and out of the audience and the circle pits were in full force. We got to watch Death By Stereo play songs including "The Plague, Getting It Off My Chest, looking out for #1, Growing Numb, I Sing For You and Wasted Words" among many others and we could only anticipate what the next set was going to bring. 

Next up was the band everyone had been waiting for, Zebrahead. If you thought the last set was good, well this set took the cake. We got to watch a drinking contest with two rounds.


We also got to see Ali Tabatabaee jump into the audience and talk to all his fans. Everyone crouched down and jumped up and down with Ali as well. The whole band was walking through the crowd in different parts of the set (well besides the drummer). We got to watch Zebrahead play songs including "Rescue Me, We're Not Alright, Worse Than This, Falling Apart and many more.

If you haven't seen Death By Stereo and Zebrahead you are definitely missing one hell of a show. It was a fun night had by all and the energy in the room was insane. Definitely catch these two bands at a show near you. 



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