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Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat are a Glam metsl band from LA, they have had an array of hits from different albums over the years, including 1987 'eponymous' their debut album, 'Wake Me When It's Over', 'Whipped 'and 'The Power and the Glory Hole'. The members in Faster Pussycat are singer Taime Downe, bassist Danny Nordahl, guitarist Xristian Simon , drummer Chad Stewart, and guitarist Ace Von Johnson.


Faster Pussycat and The Art played At the Crowbar last night with a kickass show to a sold out audience. The Art kicked of the show with a set that was hard to forget. As The Art has previously toured around America with Faster Pussycat you knew you were in for a great show with a great dynamic between the two bands.

Next up was the Headline act, Faster Pussycat. The band everyone had been waiting 11 years to see science they were last here. Faster pussy came on stage and the crowd went wild as they opened up with their first song for the night 'Where there’s a whip'.


Faster Pussycat played the hits you know and love "Jack the bastard, Cathouse, Slip of the tongue, #1 with a Bullet, Gloryhole, Don’t change that song, Shooting you down and House of pain".


Faster Pussycat played "Don't Change" which was originally sung by INXS' it was a crowd pleaser and Faster Pussycat pulled off a fantastic cover. Next up was Another great hit "Bathroom Wall". I Saw your number written on the wall, Said baby for a good time call, call 281-7668, Hey baby I can't wait I got your number off the bathroom wall were some of the lyris that everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. 

Faster pussycat played two more covers Chinese rocks by the Ramones and Pretty fucked up by the Super Suckers. It was time for another one of Faster Pussycats hits 'Shut up and fuck' everyone clapped and cheered wanting more as they couldn't get enough.


The final Faster Pussycat songs of the night was 'Babylon' and this was followed by 'Ace of Spades' originally by Motorhead, it was an amazing tribute to such a fantastic band. Faster Pussycat put on an amazing set full of energy, fun and dirty lyrics. If you haven't seen them yet, I can honestly say you have missed out and if you are in Brisbane, I encourage you to buy a ticket to tonight's show, you won't be disappointed. 


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