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Last night Soulfly played at the Metro Theatre. We got to watch two bands tear up the floor and create one of the best mosh pits we have seen this year!


Primitive opened up the night with heavy growls, solid bass lines and an energy that filled the room and got us warmed up and ready for Soulfly. When Primitive played their last song they parted the crowd and they created a wall of death in the theatre that shook the foundation. The crowd was heated, excited, and thirsty for more. 

Soulfly walked out on stage and the crowd roared as they opened up with, believe it or not, their hit song Primitive going by the same name as their stellar opening act. Next up Soulfly played No Hope No Fear and as we were headbaing to the heardcrushing riffs and heavy drum bass, they eased us into there next song Prophecy the band delivered chunky riffs with this track flowing well with their heavy vocal contributions. 


As they played Filth Upon Filth the guitarist struck the chords and the fans were moshing together and jumping up and down. The vibrating chords from the guitars on stage made the blood run through our veins and while listening to their set, we truly remembered why we love metal. 



As Max exclaimed "Oi" as if to grab the audiences attention, making sure they were still focused on the mission to rock, the audience responed back with an even more aggressive "Oi", the music then started almost like clockwork and the band began to rock. Playing Downstory. 


Max: "Soulfly has been coming here since 1999, Soulfly was created in 1998 but was born in 1999 in Australia that is the first time we played this song this is the first single off soulfly one everybody say bleed!" and the crowd yelled bleed back which made Australia want to rock to their metal.


Next up was Blood Fire Was Hate and Ritual, classic metal with memorable chorus, intensifying as the crowd got more into the set. Max said to the crowd “everybody say Fire!” and the crowd hungrily replied “fire!” then soulfly continued to play Fire. Next up soulfly played one of the crowd favourites Refuse/Resist and the crowd sang along to every word. Contuining through the night the crowd kept on head banging to more intense soul crushing metal as the drums controlled everyones elevated heart beats with Superstition and The Summoning.


Soulfly left the stage and the crowd started chanting their name, they returned to the stage and Max asked if the crowd was having a good time, to which they cheered then Max said “I'm having a hell of a time here I love it here I might never go back” then proceeded to introduce the band.

Max made a speach about fear factory and how they had it written into their contract to play a fear factory jam and the crowd went crazy! Dino played a Fear Factory song with Soulfly then the band continued playing their own music Eye for an eye. 

Max told everyone to get down and Crouch to Jumpdafuckup and when he started playing everyone got up and jumped around the mosh pit. 


It was an incredible show, everyone left with a smile and sweat dripping down their face, we can’t wait to see them come back to australia next time, make sure you’re there!

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