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I Believe in a thing called love were the words chanted at The Darkness concert that was played at the Enmore theatre on Friday the 13th and man it was one hell of a show. First up were The Southern River band and they kicked ass. The band put on a howling rock performance with a warm, melodic approach. I would play this band on repeat if I was on a road trip. Check them out live if you get a chance.

Next up was a force to be reckoned with, the one and only The Darkness. As you looked into the audience you knew everyone was there to rock out with the band. The Darkness kicked of their set with “Rock and Roll Deserves To Die” from there new album “Easter Is Cancelled”. They continued with “Live Til I Die, Easter is Cancelled and We Are The Guitar Men”. The crowd was engaged, and everyone was singing, dancing and jumping in the palm of The Darkness hand.


The Darkness entertained everyone with slide guitars, smooth melody’s and acoustic plucking. As we watched The Darkness we got to see them perform their most well-known songs including “Growing On Me, I Believe In A Thing Called Love and One Way Ticket”. The sheer masterclass of guitar, bass and drums was amazing, it is what The Darkness is known for and what they do best.  


The Darkness put on a timeless performance that we will remember forever, and tonight’s live spectacle only adds to this bold statement. The Darkness always put on a fun and engaging performance. The performance Blasted both our ears and minds with their explosive performance, the gig was both a visual and a musical extravaganza. If you haven’t seen The Darkness live you should see them and if you have you should see them again.


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