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Last night Valhalore and Arch Enemy played at the Metro Theatre. When we rocked up to the venue the line was down the road and around the corner, it was a sold-out show. As we walked into the venue, the merch line was long and the drinks were flowing, metal was pumping through our veins.

First up was the iconic Valhalore, the Celtic metal band from Melbourne walked on stage and the crowd roared a sea of excitement. Valhalore opened up their set by playing 'Life'. The melody of the flute entranced you into a different world and their opening song made you ready for the rest of the show about to play out.

Valhalore continued their set with hits including 'Legacy’, ‘Within the Fire’ and ‘Across the Frozen Ocean'. The guitar riffs throughout the songs made the fans get up and throw their metal horns in the air. With the folk music vibes bouncing off the walls we couldn't wait for the rest of the show.

The room went dark and Ace of Spades started playing, as the fans started chanting "Arch Enemy!" we knew it was go time. They confidently graced the stage and got into position, they started playing their set and they brought the house down. They opened with their song 'Deceiver Deceiver' and 'The World is Yours.

Alissa thanked the audience, “Thank you so much Sydney. How are you guys doing tonight? Are you guys ready to have some fun with Arch Enemy?”. The crowd hungrily screamed back "Yeah!!". Enthusiastically Alissa replied “That's what we want to hear because we have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. We are all just hungry for you, we are all just starving, we are…” and with a cheeky wink she continued “Ravenous”. The crowd knew what was coming up next.

Arch Enemy played more hits 'War Eternal'
and 'In the Eye of the Storm' which was a calling card to the crowd that brought them closer to the stage. As Arch Enemy played 'House of Mirrors' the drums were heavy and super powerful. It made the crowd pulse forward towards Arch Enemies aura. They were full of life on that stage as they continued with 'The Watcher'.

Alissa walked off the stage and the band started playing 'The Eagle Files Alone'. as she walked back on stage and she had her cape on and the crowd fired up, ready for her lyrics to spread across the room. As she continued to perform she pulled out the Arch Enemy flag and waved it across the stage triumphantly and the crowd was on a euphoric edge. 

As they continued with 'Handshake with Hell' and 'Sunset over the Empire', the guitars powered over the audience with a classic heavy metal riff that made you want to headbang. Next up was 'Blood on your Hands' and 'As The Pages Burn', the guitar solos were extraordinary and brought the audience together treading the line between chaos and forming a circle pit. As Alissa kept singing 'Enemy Within' and 'Burning Angel', you couldn’t help but be blown away by her vocals. She brought a heaviness and thick brutality to the band's sound which is undeniably death metal.

Arch Enemy walked off the stage and the crowd not yet satiated screamed with enthusiasm for more. Answering their cries Arch Enemy came back for the last time and truely closed the night with 'Snowbound', 'Nemesis' and 'Fields'. Everyone definitely had an extraordinary night. We head-banged, moshed and threw our metal horns in the air. They truly gave us a show we will never forget. 

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