The Sisters of Mercy played at the Enmore Theatre last night for the first time since Soundwave 2012. As you looked out into the crowd you saw a sea of black and Halloween costumes. We got to watch Sisters of Mercy put on an amazing performance through the haze of smoke and laser beams. 

The Pinheads were first up, and they put out an incredible vibe. We got to watch a solid set with a heavy base, fantastic layering and powerful vocals. 

The Sisters of Mercy played a killer setlist of 15 songs which include More, Crash and Burn, Something Fast, Vision Thing and This Corrosion, and they delivered every song with sharpness, precision, and punch. We got to rock out to a show full of dark drum-synth and heavy bass, and guitar lines, Under a wall of distortion. Their songs were incredibly catchy and everyone was in the zone. The Sisters of Mercy have a strong electronic element to their dark sound which truly makes this a unique act. 

The Sisters of Mercy last song was, This Corrosion and the crowd went nuts. Everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. It was an insane night full of energy and fun and if you haven't seen them yet, I recommend going to this crazy show.


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