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On Saturday night we got to rock out at the crowbar for Metal United Down Under. The show was put on by Michael Lueders from Metalroos. We got to watch five bands with awesome head banging tracks.

First up we heard lunch play their awesome set with jokes and fantastic music. The Bass player introduced the band and told everyone they were called lunch, someone in the audience yelled out, but what about dinner, Bass player said I guess we can be called that when we play at night and the fans laughed at the joke. Lunch also played a song called Barbasco; which is about several plants that contain a poisonous chemical compounds that have been used for fishing. We also got to listen to songs including knuckle sandwich and Dish out.

Next up was Fountain Of Euthanasia, this set was full of energy and jumping around on stage. The heavy guitar and bass lines kept the crowd head banging and they were one of the most lively bands I have seen.

Mourners were next on the line up and they sounded like the Anerican death metal band Obituary. We got to mosh to heavy riffs, a lot of instrumental backing and the band were head banging on stage. Mourners delivered a viratey of songs including slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much heavier sound mixed with fast riffs. Definitely check them out sometime.

Visualis was up next, this band is a master for all types of metal. They used a mix of clean vocals and growls throughout their songs and had some mad fast energetic songs that made you want to jump around a mosh pit . The last song had a pit of death. Visualis was also interacting with the audience and singing with their fans.

The headliner band of the night was Terrorential. They have hints of Metallica riffs in some of their songs. Terrorential were head banging while playing guitar. They used slow and fast tempos and there was moshing and head banging in the pit. The last song by Terrorential was The Trooper by Iron Maiden and all the metal horns went up in the air at the end of the song.

What a night, what a festival, what a load of amazing bands, with awesome guitar and head banging riffs. We can't wait to rock out at next years show.

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