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It was a Friday night, the drinks were flowing, and everyone was ready to rock as Father Deer Hands,  ALT. and Saosin played at the Metro Theatre. The energetic dose of music that was brought to the venue by the bands was on point and the light show was there to match it.

Father Deer Hands were first up, as they kicked off their set the music filled your ears with rock. The crowd cheered as Father Deer Hands continued the rest of the set, the loud guitar riffs echoed through the venue and the sound of drums and bass lines, made you want to rock. As the dynamic vocals spread through the room, we knew we wanted to headbang the night away. 

As Alt. walked on stage the room erupted into cheers. Alt. Kicked off with 'Insubordinate' and the wall of sound that exploded into the room, it made the crowd mosh in a frenzy. As they continued with 'Pariah', 'WRAITH', 'Devil's Cut' and 'Chasing Safety', their lively drum beats accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and electric sounds of bass guitar and powerful vocals made the blood run through your veins and feel alive.

Last up was Saosin from Orange County, California and it was their first time back in Sydney, after thirteen years. As the crowd waited in anticipation, they moved to the front of the barrier. They opened up with 'Lost Symphonies', Anthony Green performed with stellar vocals and the fans sang along with him. 

Next up was 'Racing Toward a Red Light', 'Silver String', 'Count Back From Ten', '3RD IN C' and 'Old Friends'. The infectious drum beats and heavy guitar riffs sent the crowd into a blood pumping erratic state. The signature singing and screams bounced off the walls of the venue and we didn't want their set to end. 

The lighting was just as enticing as the performance, as red, blue, green and orange lights filled the stage and inflicted a sense of nostalgia, it felt like we are back in time. Everyone was showing off in the mosh pit as Saosin continued with 'I Can Tell', 'Ideology Is Theft', 'Illusion And Control', 'Sore Distress' and 'Translating The Name'. 

As Saosin played their last two songs 'They Perched On Their Stilts' and 'Seven Years', they had enraptured the audience one last time with their big riffs and giant choruses as they signalled the end of a powerful night but the flame alive was still burning bright in our metal hearts as they etched the music into our minds.

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