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Three amazing bands rocked out at the Crowbar on Sunday night in Sydney and it was an incredible show! We got to watch Kaskeid, Inite Illusion and Introspect play an epic show.

The first band to kick the night off was Kaskeid, a Heavy melodic band and they played a bunch of head banging tracks. At the beginning of the song the singer said "This is our newest song called "Drifter” this is a shout our to Facility and big thank you to her." The new song rocked. Kaskeid then played a song they hadn't realesed yet "Sight for Wonders" and it was a awesome set.

Next up was Inite Illusion a progressive metal band who were energetic, jumping around on stage to almost every song. The singer said “this is one of our last Heavy songs before we get to the new shit this song is The Wrecking". Later in the set Inite Illusion did a awesome cover of a song that was by a band called spirit box. The band was awesome and if you get a chance make sure you see them live.

Next up was the amazing Headliner Introspect, a progressive metal band with an amazing front woman Felicity. The stage had bar lights which made the set look really amazing and really brought you a unique experience. Felicity was an amazing singer and her vocals were on point. Felicity said "I think everybody's going to know the next one, i hope so, (flick points to the drummer) and says congratulations on your first gig as an 18 year old, yes he's 18, yes hes insane". The crowd cheered and they played their next song.

Felicity said happy 60th birthday to her dad on stage and then they band played happy birthday, which was a nice way to celebrate. We also got to see jacob from "Above Below" be invited on stage to play the band and the crowd went wild for more.

What a awesome night, it's great to have mosh pits and shows back. You should check out all these bands and I can't wait to rock out at the next show.

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