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Devilskin and Shepherds Reign graced the shores of Australia all the way from New Zealand on Friday night with now Aussie based Kiwi band These Four Walls. The venue was filled with fans excited to see their first international band after years of waiting for the boarders to open. 


These Four Walls were the first band to take the stage and attempt to quench the thirst of the hungry metal heads. The Australian based band from New Zealand opened with their song ‘Bravery’ a hard rock anthem with a message, and a gritty sound showcasing what These Four Walls do best which was  backed up with their next tracks ‘Fire Away’,‘Lilith’ and ‘Slow’ that both demonstrate the melodic rock these Kiwi’s are becoming known for. 


‘White Lies’ was definitely a stand out track from their latest album ‘This Is Not A Future’,  the track showcased a more upbeat sound from the quartet with some punk influences blended in with their signature rock sound. However nothing could compare to their haunting closer ‘Nothingland’ which also closes out the album. The track combines paralysing vocals with entrancing guitars rythmes and heavy drums. These Four Walls were an amazing act to see and definitely set the mood and theme for what the audience would soon witness. 

From the darkness arose the imposing Shepards Reign. From South Auckland in New Zealand the band crashed on stage with there first tracks ‘Aiga’ and ‘Un Massa’ which rocked the audience with their contemporary metal sound and heavy vocals. 


Shepards Reign is known to fuse contemporary rock with their Polynesian roots wich was made clear when they lit the stadium in a fireball of energy with Nafauna. 


With their boar tusks hanging from their neck‘s and their afros standing proud they truly proved that they too are legends when they rocked the audience with their hit song ‘Legend’ showcasing more of their stunning vocals and electrifying instruments playing the audience into an adrenaline ridden euphoric high which smoothly lead into their next song ‘Ala Mai’


Shepards Reign was given the task to rock the venue and they certainly did that. There was no calm in the room when they played the audience out with ‘The World Bleeds’, ‘Le Manu’ and ‘Samoa Mo Samoa’ which left the audience with their tensions dialled to an eleven and their metal horns beginning to form.

Devilskin don’t want you to experience the album Red, they want you to feel it. They want you to feel the love, the loss, the strength, power, hopelessness and the darkness. Through their live performances they are demanding you feel it all as the pounding drums match your heart beat to bring your pulse up only to have the electric rythmes of the guitar riffs slice them back down. They are not asking to be felt they are demanding and feel you will. Devilskin combines songs from their past and present to deliver you through song into your future. 


They opened up their performance with ‘Elvis Presley Circle Pit’ from their first album We Rise. Just hearing the opening riffs from this standout track the audience were already on their feet and bracing to be hit by Jennie Skulanders unique vocals which would bleed into their next tracks ‘All Fall Down’ and ‘Pray’. 


The audience were rocked by powerhouse vocals and storytelling lyrics with ‘Do You See Birds’. Jennie’s vocals were powerful, from a roar to a whisper her vocal range was something to hear with the effortless guitar revving in behind her played by Tony “Nail” Vincent that would drive us into ‘Corrode’ and ‘Eyes Red Heavy/The Victor’


If there’s one thing that’s consistent with Devilskins music it is the jarring, pulsating bass played by the talented Paul Martin and the rhythmic drumming from fellow band member and son Nic Martin. The audience were rocked into synchronisation by the father and son duo as they crashed and strummed their way through ‘Bright Lights’, ‘Never See The Light’ and ‘Until You Bleed’. 


We recently were lucky to sit down and talk with Paul about the Red album and the songwriting process when it came to lyrics based on real life events. He discussed one of the more deeper cuts on the album ‘Endo’ and it didn’t cut as deep as it did hearing Jennie sing the worlds and relieve her battle and journey with endometriosis live on stage. Paul said in the interview ‘Good on Jenny for being brave enough and telling her story through that song’. I would agree with this sentiment after watching her reclaim her power through her performance. 


The pace picked up and steamed ahead as the room was rocked through hits and soon classics like ‘Same Life’, ‘Voices’ and ‘Start a Revolution’. As their set began to draw its close they didn’t stop bringing the rock and roll daring the audience to raise their metal horns, thirst quenched and beginning to mosh as Devilskin closed the night with ‘Everybodys High But Me’ and ‘Violation’.


When Devilskin walked off the stage, the crowd waited impatiently and screamed for one more song. Devilskin walked back out on stage to claim their audience one more time as they played the final notes to an amazing set and a killer night with their crowd favourite ’Covet’. 

Are you red with rage that you haven’t purchased tickets to see these rocking bands play live? It’s not to late to purchase tickets but be quick as the show will play it’s final note in Australia soon. 


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