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It was a dark, spooky night and there was something surreal about catching a Wednesday 13 show on a Saturday night in Sydney, accompanied by Department Of Gloom.

When the lights went down, Department Of Gloom ferociously kicked off their set with Psycho. The guitar riffs were powerful and pulled you in and got the crowd head banging. We were ready for their next songs including Pretty Ugly, Precious Live and Break the Silence the guitars elevated the vocals and filled the room with a perfect sound of metal. As Department Of Gloom finished off their set with Rebel Yell The energy on the stage was off the charts and brought so much excitement to the room.

As Wednesday 13 walked on stage for their first song, a thick layer of smoke fogged up the stage and created a creepy visual atmosphere and the crowd was mesmerised by it. As Wednesday 13 kicked off their set with Chapel of Blood, it felt like we were in a horror house that was full of epic music. As Wednesday 13 continued to play Death Valley Superstars, 197666 and Slit My Wrist he stared into the crowd wearing his black and red studded vest, and the eager fans were excited to see their favourite musician on stage.

Wednesday 13 played "Love at First Fright" from the album “Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls”, the song was a crowd favourite, which was evident as I watched the fans sing along to every word. Each track is met by a roar of approval as they continued with Die My Bride and Pieces of You. As Roman and Jack played great driving riffs, the guitars blended with Troy's drumming and Kyles's bass, creating a wall of sound that connected with the audience and the band and the crowd were giving each other 100% adrenaline and commitment. 

As they continued to play She Was a Teenage Zombie the band showed us why they deserved to be on that stage, with excellent showmanship, knowing exactly how to keep the crowd engaged with their stage presence. Wednesday 13 gave menacing glances, snarls, and finger-pointing, to let you know he saw you. 

As an encore loomed we were looking forward to the next three songs. First up was "White Wedding" by Billy Idol and Wednesday 13 did an epic cover. Then Wednesday pulled out his umbrella for "Fuck" and we all know Aussies love to swear, you bet everyone was singing "Fuck".

As the night came to an end with "Dead In Hollywood" the high energy and heavy, thick l, and dark sound echoed through the room and everyone was excited to be part of the most spooky night of the year.

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