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(hed) p.e, The Bloods, and The Weight Of Silence played at the Crowbar last night and they put you in a powerful mood that made you want to form circle pits and throw your horns in the air.

The Bloods, a band from Newcastle Sydney, kicked off the night and they brought you energy that flew off the shelf. The guitar riffs were fast and it set the pace for the rest of the show with the fans hands flying up in the air and their hair flicking over the barrier with powerful lyrics bouncing off the walls of the Crowbar.

Next up was The Weight Of Silence, a Trap Rap and Rap Core band from Philip Island and they brought unique music to the venue that captivated the fans. As the band switched between new wave metal with backing tracks, and a full band on stage, and a rapper with a backing tracks it showed how diverse they could be by dipping their metal horns in more than one genre of music.

Next up was the act we had been waiting for, the one and only (hed) p.e from California. As the band came out you could tell from the start that they meant business. Everyone in the venue launched forward to try and be as close as possible to the stage, and as they kicked off the show Jared said " Sydney you ready for some shit yeah let's go let's go" and the crowd cheered (hed) pe opened with R.T.R and Killing Time, you could tell that they are a well oiled machine and the chemistry they have on stage is undeniable. Jared Gomes not only sang a mad show but he played the piano and melodica pianica on bunch of songs throughout the night.

As (hed) p.e continued with Crazy and Raise Hell you could see they knew how to have fun with the fans, and it showed as the audience were in the palm of their hand. They kept things going with the sheer amount of energy they exuded on stage and on the barrier as Jared Gomes sang with his fans. The band came armed with a collection of songs with catchy riffs to sing-a-long choruses that feel inspired, they definitely played favourites and their songs had everyone singing and dancing along to the tunes.

As the night was coming to a close the second last song was a cover of I Wanna Be Sedated by the Ramones. The band ended the set with their song Renegade, and it had big riffs and giant chorus. You may have walked into a venue as a stranger to (hed)P.E and their music, but you left that venue after the show as a fan.

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