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Danko Jones, Black Heart Breakers and Screaming Eagle played on Saturday night at The Crowbar in Sydney and I don't think anyone could of guessed how awesome this night would be. We got to watch all three bands kill it on stage and if you were not there you definitely missed out.


Screaming Eagle kicked off the set, and it was a set that would be hard to follow. The performance took you into their world as they delivered an outstanding set. We got to listen the Screaming Eagle perform an array of songs and it was fantastic. 

Next up was Black Heart Breakers, they put on a fantastic show full of energy and enthusiasm. We got to watch Black Heart Breakers perform "Why Not Me, Melody, Burning Out and Save Me" and it was delivered with pure power. These two local Australian bands killed it, and If you haven't seen them yet I would reccomend going to check them out at a local show.  

Next up was the one and only Danko Jones and you knew exactly what you are getting from this set. This style of Hard Rock delivered big riffs, chanting along to the choruses, and primal lyrics delivered with raw energy. Danko Jones performed with some of the most powerful vocals we’ve ever heard.


The blood went through our veins and the fire in our hearts as we watched this set, and it brought a sense of excitement to the fans. In fact nobody does it better than Danko Jones. We got to watch Danko Jones smash out twentyone songs and it was pure bliss. Danko played songs including "I Gotta Rock, I'm in a band, Forget My Name, Dance Dance Dance and My Little RnR" and evey song that was played was rated 11/10.


We got to be witness to groovy, sleazy riffs and choruses that had you hooked. All delivered with a surge of raw energy from Danko, whose enthusiasm for his craft clearly hasn’t dipped after all his performances over the years. As Danko's lyrics float from topic to topic, it really makes you think and all the songs flow so well together.


If you haven't seen Danko Jones before I can honestly say you are missing out on a phenomenal show. I would go to another show in a heartbeat.



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