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The welcomed sunshine has turned the heat up in Sydney recently, but temperatures were scorching last night when D-A-D graced Sydney shores and rocked out the Manning Bar in Sydney.


Raising Ravens opened up and ushered in the audiences excitement. Playing the crowd into restless anticipation for the chaos to come later. Their frontman’s stellar vocals and the guitars screaming chords proved the bands up and coming status, their definitely one to watch. 

As the Raising Ravens closed their set the stage began to overflow with smoke as D-A-D walked onto the stage, you could see their faces lit in the misty haze and their light up, blue, two string bass which looked eerie in the fog as they opened with ‘True Beliver’. With an energetic burst of guitars and direct vocals, the lyrics set the tone for the night. 

Continuing with songs ’Burning Star’ and ’Jihad’. Stig then stood on top of the drum kit as he switched to an axe bass with an aeroplane situated on the head of the guitar as he played us into ‘Girl Nation’. 

D-A-D played more of their sleazy rock sound filled with catchy melodies, hard-hitting drum beats and rock riffs that made you want more as the crowd danced through ‘Prayer’ and ’E.G’

D-A-D performed ’Grow or Pay’ as the audience sang along, it reminded you why D-A-D is such an important part of rock history because they bring everyone together, it felt amazing to be part of such a fun mosh pit, it was as exciting as Disneyland is after dark.

When it came to heating up the crowd nobody did it like Jesper the lead singer and Jacob the guitarist who stood with one foot on the stage and one foot on the barrier as they rocked the audience with ’Ridin with Sue’ and ‘Point of View’

’Rim of Hell’ was up next followed by ’Recontrucdead’ and ’Monster’ and the crowd had their metal horns in the air, singing along and head banging before Jesper Binzer walked into the mosh to sing with everyone ’I Want What She's Got’ and then walked back on stage to sing their final song ’Bad C’ with his band mates. 

D-A-D walked off stage having successfully rocked the crowd, a wave of sadness swept over the audience before they screamed out and cheered for more. D-A-D returned with accostic guitars and played ‘Laugh 1/2’

Jesper Binzer then sent the audience off, encouraging the audience to stay in bed tomorrow as they played ‘Sleeping’ and ’After Dark’. Stig Pedersen started swaying his hands from side to side as the audience joined him to close the night for a second and final time. 

D-A-D brought a touch of the magic to the Manning Bar, it was a roller coaster ride through their songs both new and old. Make sure you catch them on the rest of their tour, it was an honour to rock out with D-A-D.

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