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The almighty christian metal band Stryper from California painted Liberty Hall with their yellow and black attack as they performered their music to their fans. Stryper threw out bibles and light the torch with their soldiers as they were in command. The atmosphere in the room created a form of solidarity among the fans and it proved that the power of Strypers music could bring us together as one.


First up was Paink, as they powered through their set list. They had riffs reminiscent of the sounds of Metallica through their tracks. We got to listen to Panik play 'Burn (Point of No Return)’, ‘Fight Song’ and ‘My Imperfection’. They brought out the lead singer from a Metallica tribute band and they played a cover of 'The Four Horsemen'. Their last song of the set was 'Heart Racer' and the band slayed. They were definitely an epic opener and I suggest going to check them out at a side show.

Next up were Crosson with their awesome back up dancers. Their lost in space intro took us into another world and it got the crowd amped up for their set. First up was ‘United’ and it brought the crowd together as one. As they spreaded the Rock n' Roll disease throughout the room, fans started singing their songs back to them. As Crosson coved ABBA’s song ‘Money, Money,  Money’, the dancers came out in red flapper costumes that brought a vibrancy to their set. When they performed their last song, they had made everyone feel like a star.

Stryper kicked off the set with ´In God We Trust’. The backing vocals in the chorus were high-pitched with crunchy riffs, rocking beats and a solid chorus that bounced off the walls. The guitar riffs hooked you from the first note and everyone was rearing and ready for the rest of the show.


As Stryper continued their set they played ‘Revelation’, ‘More Than a Man’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Calling on You’. They had blazing metal solos and uplifting lyrics that had you gripped on a euphoric high. The drums sounded thunderous as Robert played his powerful drum beats. Michael Sweet and Oz Fox are a dynamic duo on stage as they played face melting riffs that triggered metal horns to fly into the air.


As they continued their set with 'Free’, ‘Sorry’, ‘All For One’, ‘Always There For You’ and ‘Divider'. The fans were chanting every sacred word. The guitars were being absolutely shredded and their vocals harmonies were infectious. The lyrics were poetic and creative with their well thought out verses. 

As they played 'To Hell with the Devil' we thought it was going to be the end of the night but Stryper never disappoints, they gave us one more track Sing Along Song as their last song of the night. The crowd didn't want to leave the venue started chanting out for one more song, unfortunately for the crowd they didn't come back out. Stryper gave us a night full of rock and roll anthems and it will be a show that we never forget. 

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