For the very first time, German progressive and technical death metal Obscura bought their jaw-dropping musical talent to our shores. Alchemy, Somnium Nox and  Alarum got to accompany this act and it was an amazing show full of metal.


We got to kick off the night with Alarum,  a four piece fusion metal band from Melbourne. We got to watch Mark Palfreyman on bass and vocals, Scott Young on Guitar and John Sanders on Guitar. Alarum played with technical insanity, they played all forms of metal alongside rock, jazz, Latin and fusion. Alarum put on an amazing show and killed it in Sydney.

Next up was the act everyone was waiting for, Obscura. The German metal band consists of Steffen Kummerer on Vocals & Guitars, Rafael Trujillo on Guitars, Linus Klausenitzer on Bass and Sebastian Lanser on Drums.Obscura delivered synthesis of death, thrash and black metal merged with progressive elements. 


We got to listen to Obscura play songs from their seven CD'S including songs off their their new CD "Diluvium". Obscura delivered "Emergent Evolution, Ten Sepiroth, Diluvium, Akroasis, Septuagint, Mortification of the Vulgra Sun, Ode to the Sun, Incarnated, Perpetual Infinity and An Epilogue of Infinity" in true metal style. 

 The Anticosmic Overload was the last song of the night as the night came to a close everyone was highly impressed with Obscura and no one wanted to leave the venue. If you haven't seen Obscura live I recommend that you go and rock put to one of the best shows of the year.




BUY TICKETS HERE- http://www.soundworkstouring.com/tour/131.php

2017 - Twinmusix
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