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We have seen a rise of wrestling podcasts over the past six years, and the leader of all of these podcasts has been Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard.  Bruce is a fantastic storyteller, and his performances a impeccable. Bruce does fantastic imitations of wrestling personalities and they are hilarious.


Last night we got taken into Bruce Prichard world of wrestling and there were so many stories to tell. We wrote some of Bruce's stories down to give you an insight.



Back in the day you would carry your stash in your suitcase or bag you didn't have security, now you have x-ray machines and security and all that type of stuff so you have to get creative.


A fan in the audience yells out "stick it up your arse"


Bruce responded with "No that would be f****** gross man you just lie that in your crotch area get through security, when you are free from security go to the bathroom take it out, put it in your bag and you're good to go. Now when your friends are not that skilled at that, like my good friend Jerry brisco who called me one day and says Bruce I dropped it and I said you dropped what Jerry and he said my stash and I asked him where and I said where and he said in the airport and now I don't have any it was wrapped up in a napkin and he wouldn't go and pick it up because he thought everyone knew there was pot in it.


The crowd laughed and clapped and Bruce moved onto his next story. 




I was sitting in LA one day in a little office it was a dressing room and this guy walks in and slams the door open and walks in. I hear someone shit followed by do do do fuck that didn't stop him. I was going to say it was some shitty f****** pot the funniest thing with Michael is really like to have some do do do stories. One Day Michael called me after we had been on the air for couple of months which is not a good thing because if it is after 5 he has hit the Beer and the Jagermeister and the first words out of his mouth was aha I just want you to know I've never said do do do in my life but if you made a sound while you walk it would be do do do. The impersonation was priceless and the whole audience was in hysterics Bruce made everyone laugh for the whole show and it was a sight to watch.


If you haven't seen the legendary Bruce Prichard live, I definitely recommend going to his show, it was a show full of energy and every story was told with passion and enthusiasm. If you haven't already bought a ticket you should definitely go this weekend, it is not a show to be missed. 


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