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Katatonia, Evocatus, and Flaming Wrekage hit the metro last night, and what an epic show. The crowd erupted as every band took the stage, and it was as if everyone was just saving their energy just for them.

First to hit the stage was Evocatus, as they opened their set with Centurion the heavy bass riffs and licks bounced off the walls. As Evocatus continued with "In Graves Unknown, Drums in the Deep and Serpent of Chaos" the chunky guitar riffs and drum beats captivated the audience and drew us all in. It was extremely clear we were ready for the next band Flaming Wrekage.

As Flaming Wrekage, a melodic death metal band from Sydney, came on stage. It was clear they were here to give us a super high energy set as the kicked off with cathedral of bones . As Flaming Wrekage continued with No Gods and Witch Hunt the room filled with heavy bass guitar, energetic drumming and blazing tempos.


As Katatonia came on stage, they took you on a journey through the vibrant darkness as it spread throughout the room. Katatonia opened with Austerity, from their new album Sky Void of Stars, they kicked off the set with a song that has twisted prog-metal structures and chuggy guitars, and it lead the crowd through a melancholic chorus. 

As Kataonia continued to play Lethean, Flicker and Dead Letters amidst backlit smoke, The keyboard Melodies were atmospheric and the melancholic vocals and intricate riffs were a driving force in the venue.

As Kataonia continued with Decima, The Racing Heart and Nephilim the guitars had a heavy bite and the grinding riffs on the heavier songs had a groove feeling that got the crowd swaying.

As Katatonia belted out the chorus to Old Hearts Fall, the crowd bobbed their heads to the infectious groove and everyone wanted to hear more songs. As they finished off their set with Journey Through Pressure, it haunted me and we are still living that moment.

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