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In these strange times of COVID, things are different. We long for the day that we can walk into a venue and mosh with all the Metalheads. In the meantime, we just have to move our furniture aside and mosh in the living room while we watch a Livestream of our favourite band. I am sure that is what a lot of people did for the Lamb of God concert on the 25th of September.

The opening sets was Whitechapel and it was a killer performance to watch. Whitechapel aired their memorable 2014 hometown performance from Knoxville, TN. From their DVD brotherhood of the blade.

The show kicked off with Jose Mangin and featured an exclusive interview with Mark Morton. They talked about Marks solo project and the song Cross Off by Mark Morton Ft Chester Bennington. He also talked about his upcoming live stream which you can view for the next 48 hours if you haven't watched it yet.

Next up was Lamb of God and man were we excited for this performance. We got to watch the critically acclaimed 2004 album Ashes of the Wake performed in full With D. Randall Blythe on Vocals, Mark Morton on Guitar, Willie Adler on Guitar, John Campbell on Bass and Art Cruz on Drums Perform live from Richmond, VA.


Lamb of God have never played this album in full, so it was an amazing experience to watch. They also played their song Ashes of the Wake live for the first time and they smashed it.

For their Encore Lamb of God played songs from their album New American Gospel that turns 20 years young tomorrow. It was a treat watching this show and I'm sure everyone chanted Lamb of God in their living room at the beginning and the end of the live stream.

If you haven't watched it yet, check it out now:

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