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Bastardizer, Killrazer, Nocturnall, and Paul Di'Anno played at the Factory Theatre on Saturday night and they put on an epic set full of power and metal.

Bastardizer kicked off the set with A Dose of Vengeance, Crimson Trenches, Demons Unleashed, Mark of the Storm and Erotic Christ and they smashed it! The sharp bass tones and aggressive attitude got your heart pumping, the drums were ridiculously fast and upbeat which sounded killer and tight.

As they continued their set with Whiskey 'til Death, Up the Ante, WWIII, Hellions of the Oath, Midnight in Hell and Unholy Allegiance it was an amazing combination of the thrashy instrumental section and some amazing black metal vocals roared through the room. It was an epic start to the night!

Next up was Killrazer, as they played The Legions, Salt in the Wound, Theatre of War and Decades of Blood the beautifully put together guitar riffs, punchy drums, and grinding bass showed the band played with perfect precision and it all came together seamlessly. As they continued to play Suicide Command, Decades, Unleash Hell and Sunken the blast beats, crunchy riffs, and nasty vocals were insane.

Nocturnall were an epic band from Brazil, and they played a relentless set with fast paced riffs and great vocals. As Nocturnall played Try Harder, No Turn at All, Fight the System and Wake Up the aggressive drum beats and guitar riffs filled the room and the vocals were on point.

As they continued with  No Turn at All, Scream! For!! Me!!!, Reset the Game and Nocturnal Human Side the hellfire riffs and ample heaviness were more than your ears could handle, and the heavy bass guitar and thundering drums echoed through the venue.

Next up was Paul Di'Anno and everyone was pumped for a set full of hits. As Paul played Wrathchild, Sanctuary, Charlotte the Harlot, Murders in the Rue Morgue and Remember Tomorrow the massive bass riffs spread through the room, and the vocals hooked you in and made you want more. 

As Paul continued with Genghis Khan, Killers, Phantom of the Opera, Purgatory and Transylvania, the technical and crushing riffs and blazing tempos created an amazing atmosphere. The solid charged riffs and harsh intensity of vocals made sink your teeth into every song.


As everyone was singing and rocking out to Running Free, Prowler and Iron Maiden the metal horns flew in the air and all the sets were metal mayhem packed to the end!

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