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Last night we battled the Pink crowd to go and see The Darkness at The Hordern Pavillion. We got to watch four epic bands, "Cry Club, DZ Deathrays, You Am I'S "Spinal Tap" and The Darkness". As we got to the venue there were fans qued up wearing British flag outfits and they were ready to rock out to their favourite British band that graced our shores.

As DZ Deathrays hit this stage with their opening song "IN-TO-IT, Like People and Ocean Exploder" the guitars were blazing at you and the ambience in the room was off the charts. As they continued with "King B, Gina Works at Hearts and Paranoid" the Big bass lines and chaotic drum beats were hard hitting and set the crowd in a groove. The powerful vocals and rocking harmonies filled the room as DZ Deathrays finished off their set with "My Mind Is Eating Me Alive and Shred for Summer" and we were eager for the next set.

Next up was You Am I'S "Spinal Tap" from Sydney and they played a tribute show covering Spinal Tap's most influential Rock tracks, and the fans rocked out. The stage went black and as the lights came on, the one and only Spinal Tap appeared and turned up the sound to 11. They played hits that the audience knew and loved such as "Big Bottom, Sex Farm and Stonehenge". In True Spinal Tap Style, a Stone Henge came down from the roof, and the atmosphere in the room heated up. It certainly got everyone ready for the next set.

The Darkness came on stage and everyone was excited to hear the whole album of Permission to Land, which is an outstanding rock and roll album from start to finish, but the cherry on top was seeing this album performed live. The crowd was ready to break down the barrier to get closer and the roars of excitement echoed through the venue.

As The Darkness kicked off their set with "Black Shuck" the audience rocked out and the slide guitars, smooth melodies and Powerful drumming filled the venue. The Darkness grew on the crowd as they belted out "Growing On Me" and the Electric vocals made you buzz in excitement. As the band continued we got to hear hits including "How Dare You Call This Love, Friday Night and I Believe" and the heavy bass lines, Outstanding Guitar tones and sick solos showed us why this was the best Saturday night ever.

As they continued with the crowd's favourite song "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" the bouncy upbeat rhythms made everyone jump up and down in excitement and the energy was felt from every corner of the room.

As The Darkness walked off stage the crowd started cheering for one more song, and we got two more songs. The first song was an epic cover of “It’s in the Air Tonight” by "Phil Collins" and they put a twist on it while introducing the band. Then we got to watch "Love On The Rocks With No Ice" which brought us to the last song of this tour in Australia before they headed to Tasmania. It was an epic show and if you didn't catch them on this tour you missed out.

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