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Loudness played at the Crowbar last night and I have never seen such an enthusiastic crowd in my life. It was absolutely incredible and if you haven't seen them live I would recommend rocking out with them. I would go to another one of their shows in a heartbeat. First up was two of the best bands in Australia, Metreya and Temtris.

Metreya kicked off the set with Metreya (hold Into), and it was crazy and a full house from their first song. Metreya also played "mirror clan, 1000 curses, a machine of war and war era". The crowd had warmed up and Temtris were next. 

Temtris walked onto the stage and we got to hear the powerful vocals by Genevieve Rodda. Temtris performed "Enter the Asylum, Run, Parasite, Breathe, Slave to the system and Wings of Death". If you haven't seen either of these bands I definitely recommend going to their shows as they are truly worthy of being on the international circuit.

Next up was the one and only Loudness from Japan. There were fans from Japan that had flown in for this amazing show. There was one girl in the front row that had been to over 120 shows over her life. Loudness played my favorite song first, they kicked off the set with "Crazy Night". Loudness also played songs from their 1985 album "Thunder in the East", they played "Like Hell, Heavy Chains and We could be together" as this is my favorite album I was absolutely stoked to hear these songs live. Loudness also played "Let it Go, Soul On Fire, Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy and Crazy Doctor" just to name a few out of their awesome set list.


I had the most amazing night full of fun and energy and I am extremely excited that I got to see Loudness live for the first time. I can honestly say it won't be the last time I see them either, I hope they join us back in Australia sometime soon.



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