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Formed in 1981; LOUDNESS became the first Japanese metal band to sign a multiple album deal with a major label. Their stunning energetic live show caught the attention of Atlantic Records.


Their defining album Thunder In The East exploded and hit the Billboard charts at # 74 which featured their iconic anthem Crazy Nights. The follow up album Lightning Strikes hit the Billboard charts at #64 firmly entrenching the band as International superstars.


Now some 33 years are still at the top of their game and still charting every album in their homeland.

The good news is that original members Akira Takasaki (Guitar), Masayoshi Yamashita (Bass), Minoru Niihara (vocals) are heading our way along with Masayuki Suzuki (Drums).


They may be almost 40 years into their distinguished career but LOUDNESS remain one of the hottest live acts out there and now Australia gets the chance to witness LOUDNESS for the very first time.


We got to speak Minoru Niihara from loudness about their upcoming tour and more.  


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


MM - It is a long story, we are going to play some songs from our 80s album and we are going to play some songs from our latest album. It is going to be a two-hour show even if you are not a fan of Loudness it will still be a great show, it is going to be our first time in Australia and we are so excited to be coming there and playing for you.



TM - What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia?


MM - Unfortunately we have a very tight schedule so we will just play and leave. We will play great music and make people have fun.



TM - You released your new album Rise Against Glory last year how have fans responded?


MM - Great, we promoted all the songs from the album last year and people went crazy. The songs were good to play Live, people loved the new songs and the sound.


TM - You worked with three interpreters on the writing process do you think this helped you or changed your sound?


MM - We did not change anything, it has been the same since 1982 till now but the raven record has changed due to technology.



TM - What's your favorite song to play off your new album?


MM -"I'm On Fire" and "Go For Broke" is fun to play on stage.



TM - Can you tell us more about your live album?


MM - We recorded 4 nights worth of shows last year and we recorded the whole show you can get everything from Loudness from those live CD'S. The first show we played all the songs from our latest album and the second night we played our Thunder in the East album. The third show we played songs from our debut album and second album and the fourth show we recorded with friends.



TM - You got kicked out of Loudness for a while and rejoined, what made you want to rejoin?



MM - Akira called me and he asked me if I wanted to rejoin loudness for our 20th anniversary. I thought it was a good idea to reunite for our 20th anniversary.



TM - That is cool to come back for your 20th anniversary.


TM - What is the story behind your song Crazy Nights?


MM - Akira wrote that song and that is ok because it is a simple Rock and Roll song. We thought it was too simple but the producer liked this song a lot and it became a smash hit. The record company also wanted a simple song.



TM - You toured with Motley Crue can you tell us a story?


MM - Motley Crue are perfect professional rock players, they were great every night and sold 50,000 person venues. We played with them on a three-week tour in the United States and we learnt so many things from them. We learnt about music and how to go about the entertainment industry. We learnt about the crew, managers and backstage staff, Motley Crue did not drink a lot or do too many drugs. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to hang out with them as we were too busy moving from town to town. There were so many girls that it was unbelievable, they threw their underwear onto the stage when we played. I was so shocked, in Japan you would never do that.


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?


MM - Crazy Doctor, that song shows everything about Loudness. The song has great guitar solos, big energy, and great Loudness. This music was played by AC/DC We opened for them in 1986.



TM - Who influences your music style?


MM - Ritchie Blackmore from Rainbow and Deep Purple. Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne have also influenced me. 



TM - Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?


MM - To our Australian fans, we are excited to play you a show, so be there and you will have a good time.


TM - Thank You for our Interview today, we cannot wait to see you in Australia. 




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