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On Friday night three Amazing bands played at the Crowbar in Sydney! We got to watch Taliesin, Thraxas and Temtris kill it with three fantastic acts.

To start the night off Taliesin from Canberra came on stage ready to play their first song of the night "Superstition" and the crowd cheered for more. The band continued to play more hits including "Hard to Miss a Stranger" and "Truth of the Hunter". The head banging was in full swing, and the guitar riffs were heavy and awesome. Taliesin played a great cover of "I Don’t Believe in Love" by Queensrÿche, which I loved. To finish off the set the band played "Lost Soul Drift" which left us wanting more.

The next band of the night was Thraxas, They kicked off the set with "Warchief", the song had awesome riffs and singing throughout. The band continued their set with more head banging songs including "Ecophagy" and "Seven Sided strike". To finish off the set they played a song that's called "Cthulhu Rising", it was an awesome way to finish and we can't wait to see them in concert again!

To headline the night, we got to headbang with the band everyone had been waiting for, the one and only Temtris! The music started playing and you knew they were about to hit the stage. The first song of the night was "Race to the end" but you didn't want them to race to the end you wanted to enjoy every song.

Genevieves powerhouse vocals filled the bar and everyone in the mosh was singing and throwing metal horns up in the air. We also got to listen to hits including "Run" and "Forever". As we got to the last song, we didn't want the night to end. Genevieve asked the crowd if they wanted one more song and the crowd cheered, To finish off the night Temtris played "I want out". I can't wait to watch Temtris live again, they always put on a fantastic show!

What a great night, if you weren't at the show you missed out on three epic performances. Make sure you check them out for any upcoming gigs in your area!

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