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As we made our way to the factory theatre, we were excited to watch London Calling. A tribute band to The Clash from the UK, and they performered an epic greatest hits set.

As we watched Reg Shaw (strummer) on Lead vox and rhythm guitar, Mick Jones on Lead Guitar and vox, Joe Guatieri (Paul) on Bass Guitar and vox, and James Wise (Topper) on Drums and Percussion, you knew that this tribute band wasn't screwing around. They had the punk band attitude, the look, and the ability to play their instrument as if you wanted to destroy the factory.

The light show was just as enticing as the performance, as red, blue, green orange lights filled the stage. It felt like went back in time, with everyone showing off their best dance moves.

As London Calling played the song London Calling, Rock the Casbah, Should I Stay or Should I Go, and White Riot. The charging, relentless rhythms, and the fantastic sound quality gave the fans the energy to jump around and sing the addictive chorus. Everyone lapped it up as if it were the real thing.

We also got to watch them play Train in Vain, I Fought the Law and Clampdown among many other hits. As they blasted onto the stage in a blur of ferocious punk rock, the whole mosh rocked out to epic guitars, awesome drum beats and lyrics that have a huge impact on society today.

London Calling do more than their songs justice, and they have musical versatility of the original Clash as they play amazing covers of their songs. If you haven't seen them yet, make sure you catch them at a show near you.

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