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Death Metal bands Disentomb and Whoretopsy played at The Crowbar in Sydney on Saturday night. Both bands played a brutality and technically brilliant set with interesting hooks and riffs that drew you in and made you want more and more.


Whoretopsy are a death metal band from Melbourne and were up first. They absolute smashed the set with heavy relentless riffs and pure power. Vocalist Zac, bombarded you with his impressive gutterals while the band destroyed the stage. Whoretopsy delivered a brutal death metal sound catchy. We got to see songs including "The Bone Collector, In Like Flynn, Nature's Pocket and The Terrible Thirty Twos". It was a great set that would be hard to follow.


Next up was Brisbane band Disentomb and everyone was eagerly waiting for this act to come on. The set was full of edgy tones and underground grit that you could really sink your teeth into. The mosh pit was in full force from the word go and the set was energetic. Disentomb played a selection of songs including "Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness, The Great Abandonment, Droning Monoliths and The Decaying Light". Disentomb is widely regarded as one of the most intense death metal bands and you can see why.


If you haven't rocked out with Whoretopsy or Disentomb before you are missing out on a fantastic show, and I recommend you go and headbang with them next time they are in town.


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