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For the first time in Australia dark angel has reformed and has hit Australian shores for a tour. The legends themselves, Gene Hoglan (drums), Jim Durkin (guitar), Ron Rinehart (vocals), Eric Meyer (guitar) and Michael Gonzalez (bass) appeared at the manning bar in Sydney last night and wow, what an amazing show.


First up was lethal vendetta, one of the best bands in the Australian metal scene. As they took the stage they exuded pure metal energy and power. They performed with dynamic rhythm and melodic riffs, gut-wrenching drumming and soaring vocals, this took us into there world of metal. We got to watch lethal vendetta play "Final Conflict, No Prisoners No Mercy, Battle Warcry, Salute to the Gods and Liars Dice".

Next up were King Parrot, and you knew a crazy set was about to unfold. We got to watch a absolutely hectic set with killer vocals, hard riffing, bass slides and fast drumming, which was delivered with perfect pitch and amazing technique. King Parrot played songs including "Entrapment, Need No Saviour, Hell Comes Your Way and Shit on the Liver".

Dark Angel were up next and they delivered, speed, ripping and clawing solos and an amazing thrash voice, all delivered with a edgy manic charm of full metal. We got to watch Dark Angel put on a show full of killer bass and drums run and vicious vvocals delivered in full metal spirit. The drum work was truely technical and insane. It was amazing to watch Dark Angel play songs including " Darkness Descends, The Promise of Agony and Time Does Not Heal" and every song was delivered with perfect precision.


Dark Angel is one of the best and the most influential bands in the metal scene today and we got to watch them destroy the manning bar last night. If you haven't bought a ticket yet you are missing out on one hell of a mosh pit.


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