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Napalm Death Review

On Thursday the 8th of September we went to the factory theatre for mayhem and destruction, and that's what we found. Three epic bands took the stage 12Gauge Rampage, Wormrot, and Napalm Death, and none of these bands left us disappointed! The brutal force of the atmospheric guitar and hard drum beats plagued the venue from start to finish.

12Gauge Rampage was the first to grind the stage with their Aussie death metal. As they kicked off the set with 'Unleash' and 'Your Mate' they ground up the stage till it was almost too thin to walk on. Their mix of grind and death metal made you head-bang while the machine gun like drumming made the crowd's metal horns shoot up straight in the air. As they continued rocking the crowd with 'VB', 'Waste' and 'Breathe' the venue was filled with heavy riffs that ground your bones to the core and made you want to listen to more. 

Next up was Wormrot from Singapore, and it was a chaotic blur as the lights dimmed. Wormrot kicked off the set with 'All will Wither, 'The Darkest Burden' and 'Broken Maze'. The incredible speed changes of guitar riffs created a wave of head-banging that opened up a mosh pit. As the band continued with 'A Dead Issue', 'Buried the Sun' and 'Glass Shards' the harmonious chord progressions, vocals and drums filled the room and they proved to not only themselves but to the crowd that they are one of the best grind-core bands you can get. Their energy and playing ability were off the charts and I would recommend checking them out at their next gig. 

Death metal savages Napalm Death from the UK were up next and they sent an electrical energy of blasting metal through the venue. As they kicked off the set with 'Narcissus', 'Backlash Just Because' and 'Fuck the Factoid' their double kicks and crystal clear pummelling drums were bouncing off the walls. We got to watch Barney Greenway, one of the most ruthless and brutal metal vocalists, fill the room with grittiness, power, and aggression. He has super-dynamic vocals with a massive range.

Napalm Death delivered more tracks 'Scum', 'I Abstain' and 'Amoral' with overdriven and overwhelming distorted bass lines, thrashing guitar riffs, and hard drum beats that make you want to mosh. 

As Napalm Death finished off the night with 'Dead', 'N*** Punks F*** Off' and 'SiegeOf Power' the delivery of the bass and guitar was phenomenal, all their songs had depth and texture, the guitars ripped and shredded in every single song and we knew the music act was so extreme and nostalgic.

The bands ripped up the stage from start to finish and every band that played on stage pushed the boundaries of grindcore. It gave every metalhead in the audience a much-needed adrenaline shot to the heart and we were sad to leave the venue. We can't wait till they come back to Sydney for another epic show and if they haven't been to your state yet, make sure you don't miss out on this head-banging grindcore experience of a lifetime.

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