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Genevieve Rodda and Anthony Fox from Temtris and Michael Sweet from Stryper played an acoustic show at the Factory Theatre on Thursday night and man it is a show to remember. The venue was filled with powerful vocals, amazing guitar work and the atmosphere in the small intimate venue were fantastic. 

Genevieve and Anthony kicked off the set with power and we were all excited to see Temtris first live acoustic show. We got to hear songs including Enter the Asylum' and a cover of W.A.S.P’s song ‘Hold On To My Heart'. Genevieve proved she has astonishing vocals weather it is with her band Temtris or as an acoustic act.   I would love to see a solo album be released by the pair and I hope it's not the only acoustic show we see. 

Michael Sweets set was immaculate and his commentary between the songs was hilarious, he brought his fans into his world and gave us an entertaining night. We got to watch Michael perform songs including 'Lady’, ‘Soldiers Under Command’, ‘Calling on You’, ‘To Hell with the Devil’ and ‘Sing-Along Song’. The interaction between the fans and Michael was great. As the fans yelled out comments, Michael responded and laughed with everyone. Everyone was fully engaged and singing along to all the songs, it was quite a sight to see.

This was a truly unique gig and it had an energy like no other gig I had been to before. If you haven't seen Michael Sweet or Stryper before, I recommend catching them at there next show. We also got the fantastic news that Stryper will be back in Australia soon, and man are we excited. 

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