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It’s a cold Thursday night, the chilled wind was blowing, it’s the kind of cold that only the end of a mean winter can bring and then in the distance you hear it, the guitar riffs, like a siren calling you closer. Your metal horns start to poke through your beanie and before you realise it you are standing in the pit at the concert for H.E.A.T. It’s arrived, the cure to beat the rock dry spell.


Last night Silverback Touring brought the best rock acts to the Manning bar in Sydney. Three unique bands all with their own unique sound came together to rock.


First up was Wicked Smile, there couldn’t be a better band to signify the close of winter and bring us into the rocking spring. Wicked Smile delivered powerful baselines and killer drums. Wicked Smiles showed us that all you need for a good time is your boys, a couple of guitars and rock. 

Next to grace the stage was Cassidy Paris. She brought her killer looks and witty vocals that cut through you like a knife. She definitely had the entire venue on its feet. Cassidy played her own original tracks and it’s clear to see when you listen that she already has a lethal level of hits in her discography. Cassidy's cover of ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You’ was one of the best tracks of the night. She continued with ‘A Song for the Broken Hearted’ which too was a banger. Cassidy then invited Danny and Dave from Wicked Smile on stage to play ‘Stronger’.


Wicked Smile blew our jumpers off and Cassidy warmed us up but nothing could compare to the scorching wave of H.E.A.T.

Next up was H.E.A.T , Don Crash ran onto the stage followed by Jona, Dave and Jimmy before they played their biggest track ‘One By One’. Kenny ran on stage halfway through the song and started singing, then asked everyone to raise their hands and everyone started clapping to welcome their next hit ‘Rock your Body’.


The band sizzled through the rest of their track list featuring ‘Dangerous Ground’, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Refefined’ followed by ‘Straight For Your Heart’ and ‘Late Night Lady’. Nothing had the audience more worked up than when they played ‘Cry’ from their debut album, the crowd just went wild. 


Crash did a drum solo that lead into ‘Back To The Rhythm’ which was backed up by Dave’s guitar solo before the band joined together to play an extended version of ‘Beg Beg Beg’.


 H.E.A.T turned the heat to a hundred with ‘1,000 Miles’ and ‘Living On The Run’ followed by a track from their latest album ‘Nationwide’. As the night came to an end H.E.A.T played ‘A Shot At Redemption’, I don’t think there was a song that could’ve better concluded an impressive and rocking night. 

From the scorching drums to the mad baseline with lyrics like a call from above. Having witnessed lead singers dancing around their band mates singing promises of a better tomorrow, a heavier tomorrow, a rock filled tomorrow, ready to cover the next generation in an overwellming feeling to rebel against the status quo. It was a great night with so many talented musicians and you should definitely catch them in your city.

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