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Hard Rock Legends, Corrosion of Conformity came played in Sydney Australia and New Zealand this week with Pepper Keenan who killed it on vocals. Pepper returned to the band in 2018's for their album "No Cross No Crown" which was a hit around the world.


Last night Corrosion Of Conformity played at the Crow Bar in Sydney to a packed room and wow did they put on a show. The lights went dim and Corrosion of Conformity walked on stage and the crowd cheered, the first song of the night "Seven Days" and they killed it.


Next up was "Paranoid" and Pepper Keenan stood on the barriers and sung straight to the crowd leaving everyone wanting more and that's what everyone got with the next songs "Broken Man, Wolf Named Crow, Heavens and Albatros"


During "My Grain" a fan got up onto the stage and took a stage dive into the crowd and got carried out of the room, lucky he was ok. The show continued with "13 Angels" and the powerful vocals ripped through the room.


The night was full of amazing guitar riffs and vocals as the band continued with "Vote". As the night came to a close we were sad that we had to leave such an amazing show. If you haven't seen Corrosion of Conformity live I definitely recommend watching their show, and if you have you know you are in for an awesome treat.


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