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Pop Will Eat Itself and Jesus Jones played at the Manning Bar last night and the venue was packed! The amazing atmosphere was prominent, and the fans were buzzing with excitement.

The crowd was so energetic that the mood was contagious, which was evident from everyone jumping and dancing around the room. We were beyond excited to see PWEI and Jesus Jones two Rap Rock, Punk, and Heavy Metal bands perform on our shores.

As Jesus Jones took the stage the crowd went mental! A crushing mass of energy filled the room. Jesus Jones didn't skip a beat as they kicked off their set with 'Zeroes and Ones'.

As they continued their set with 'Bring It on Down' ,'Song 13' and 'The Devil You Know' Mike's rock vocals flew across the crowd and the bass guitar and drums could only be described as wild, punchy, and bold. The mesh of sound had the crowd singing and swaying along.

As Jesus Jones played their last song 'Info Freako' , the guitars had funky riffs, melodies, and classic grooves that made the crowd dance and the set was a marvel of inventions to perk up your ears for the next band.

As a wave of nostalgia came through the crowd, Pop Will Eat Itself walked on stage to ear splitting screams and cheers from the audience. This band stands on the cutting edge of time, and we were excited to see them again. Adam got up on the keyboard stand and held his keyboard up for the crowd to see, and a roar came over the crowd. The keyboard said 'The Incredible P.W.E.I. vs. the Moral Majority' on the bottom and 'Dance of the Mad Bastards' on the side.

After Adam came on stage, Fuzz came out and started playing the drums putting the sound into action, it made you want to dance. As the rest of the band walked on stage and you knew you were in for an awesome night.

The band was filled with a passionate energy as they played 'Not Now James, We're Busy' and 'Karmadrome'. The crowd clapped and cheered for the first two songs to be played and were ready for more.

As PWEI continued with 'Chaos & Mayhem' and 'PWEI-zation' the chirpy bass guitar and punk rock guitars were a weaving web of electronic pop and disco sounds. To hype up the crowd Graham and Clint sang into a megaphone which was something we hadn't seen at other shows before.

As PWEI walked off stage and the crowd cheered for an encore. They came back on stage and played 'Wise Up! Sucker' from their album 'This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!' and it was off the charts. This crowd will be talking about this awesome gig for years to come as it was so enjoyable.

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