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Last night So So, Fangz and Punk Rock Factory played at the Crowbar and they blew us away. Punk Rock Factory played TV theme songs, classic rock anthems, Disney themed songs and it showed us they were pop punk Sensations.

So So came on stage opening with 'The Henry Lawson Jive', 'Dreams', 'Mike Whitney' and 'Stay' they rocked the stage and encouraged everyone to come forward and join the mosh from their very first song.

As they continued to play '4Ever' by The Veronicas the circle pit opened up and it was an epic Aussie anthem that made this night so much fun. Next up was 'The Festival Song' and the heavy bass lines and guitar riffs filled the room and it was definitely a headbanging situation. As So So finished their set with '(S***) Love Story' it set the mood for the night and we were excited to welcome the next band to the stage.

Next to the party was Fangz, as they opened the set with 'Drifter' the crowd went crazy. As we watched the band play 'Victims', 'Self Medicate', 'Fine without You' and 'Lets Talk' the drum beats filled the room and the mood was elevated by the epic vocals. As Fangz played More hits 'Falling out', 'Wastr', 'Who Are We Now' and 'One for You One For Me' we were ready and rearing to go for the next set.

Punk Rock Factory came on stage to catch the audience with their 'Pokemon' balls, the infectious pop-punk overtones draw you straight into this fun and energetic set.


As Punk Rock Factory continued with 'Under the Sea' The Little Mermaid took us to party with her. As we listened to 'Power Ranges' we got drawn into a scene where we were live-action superheroes and man it was fun.


As the band played 'Mamma Mia' they threw out powerful guitar riffs that you could rock out to and in true metal style we sang along to every song, as metal heads love all genres of music.


The audience was buzzing and ready for more hits, they continued the night with 'Your Welcome', 'Thunder Cats', and 'Bluey' and the crowd was head banging and singing along to their favourite songs.


'Can you Feel the Love Tonight' was up next and the crowd could feel the love with some of their favourite songs sweeping through the venue.


Punk Rock Factory a band from  Wales wanted us to feel included in their set and boy did they deliver, as they played the Aussie classic 'Your The Voice' originally by John Farnham.


Two minutes later... or was it... 'Spongebob Square Pants' theme song was played followed by 'Defying Gravity', 'You'll be Back', 'Running Up That Hill' and 'Bruno'. The crowd froze as 'Let It Go' was played, chills ran down your spine, to the crunchy chords and thunderous drums.

Punk Rock Factory walked off stage with their instruments and the crowd cheered for more. Punk Rock Factory walked back on stage and played 'Down Under' They wanted to make sure we all got a Vegemite sandwich and add another epic Australian classic to the set. Punk Rock Factory played their last song 'How Far I'll Go' to finish off a night. It was a night full of hits and we were sad to see them leave the stage. You definitely missed out if you didn't see this show live.

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