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Legends Ride returned to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney Australia last night for their first headline tour in over 25 years and I don't think we will be forgetting this show anytime soon. 

Shiva and the Hazards were up first and they warmed the crowd as the band delivered a unique Australian  Indie Rock psychedelia sound. The fans loved every second of it. We got to listen to Shiva and the Hazards play seven songs and it was magnificent. 

Ride was up next and their first song of the night was Jump Jet, which proved to be a fantastic opener as the fans got into the full swing of the gig. Laurence Colbert transformed the set as he turned from a man into a machine. The whole band went into overdrive and performed a jaw-dropping set with perfect percussion to match the impressive vocals, Bass and guitar work. We got to watch Ride perform songs including "Dreams Burn Down, All I Want, Vapour Trail and Leave them all behing" and it was a fantastic and energetic show. Ride delivered instrumental shoegaze though an immaculate set which is arguably one of the best musical moments in rock. 


Ride delivered dreamy guitar and bass work, with a perfect blend of Mark Gardener’s still youthful and impassioned vocal. It was a fantastic night and no one wanted to leave the venue. Ride make reforming look so easy, and it’s great to have them back. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, make sure you grab yours now. It is an unforgettable night and you won't be disappointed.


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