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Sydney Australia got to witness the debut of Hypocrisy, the return of Kataklysm and Australia's own Eye of the Enemy on Friday night at the Metro, and everyone performed an outstandingly.

First to take the stage was Melbourne band Eye of the Enemy, the moshing was in full force and the band took to the stage with raw power and gave everything they had to the audience!

As Kataklysm returned to Australia to rock out with us we got to hear their classic songs including "Narcissist, The Black Sheep, Like Angels Weeping, Crippled and Broken". As well as the classics, we also got to hear Outsider off their new record Meditations which was delivered perfectly to a crazy mosh pit full of fans! Kataklysm Finished the set with "Road To Devastation" and then it was time for Hypocrisy to show us what they were made of. The crowd was on fire with anticipation from the final chord of Kataklysm to when the lights dimmed for the headline act to take the stage.

Hypocrisy stepped on stage in Sydney for the first time on Friday night and they kicked off their set with "Fractured Millennium" off their self titled album Hypocrisy. We also got to see them play "End of Disclosure, Eraser, Fire In The Sky, Warpath and The Final Chapter" among many of there other hits. They brought a lot of energy to the venue as we saw the circle pit in full force. Hypocrisy closed with "Roswell 47" and everyone was sad to see the concert come to a end.


If you haven't seen Hypocrisy or Kataklysm yet, I definitely recommend going to their shows sometime! I promise that you will not be disappointed. If you have seen them, I reccomed that you see them again.


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