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Heavy Amber and The Stranglers played at the Metro Theatre last night and the venue was packed for this awesome punk show we were about to witness.

Heavy Amber from Melbourne kicked off the show with a more mellow set, and the crowd were swaying in their boots. Their soft and melodic drums and guitar riffs rocked and lulled you into a trance and the accompanying vocals were on point. As they Sang BOAT Song, the fans gently moved from side to side, and there was a blissful atmosphere in the room. As they continued their set with Time to Go, we were sad it was their last song, but we were excited about the next act.

The Stranglers were up next, the punk-rock icons from the UK kicked off their set with Toiler on the Sea and their fast and energetic melodies drew you in. The fans were moving to the rhythm and every word was sung back to the band, it was a sight to see and the image will be imprinted on my mind for eternity.

As they continued on with Duchess, Sometimes, Relentless, Nice and Sleazy and This Song, the timeless and unique classics were played by a band who has always led the way in punk. The wild and uncontrolled riffs allowed the crowd to unleash their excitement and the bass lines took us to another place. 

As the band continued with The Raven, Always The Sun, Skin Deep, Peaches, Golden Brown, White Stallion and (get a) Grip (on yourself), the stellar guitar melodies and spirited backing vocals were strong and clear. The 70's punk guitar riffs were paramount and the notes from the keyboard gave their music a unique edge. As we listened to their set it felt like their solos were inspired by The Doors with a mix of guitar-driven punk.

As they continued with the amazing individuality of their music, they brought their epic punk force, as they were belting out their tunes. We got to listen to Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front), Nuclear Device, Walk On By, Something Better Change, Hanging Around, and Tank.


The Stranglers kept it rocking from start to finish. As we danced along to Go Budy Go and No More Heros, everyone was grateful to have witnessed such an epic show. The tempo changed throughout the set and The Stranglers captured punk wave perfectly.

The Stranglers put on one hell of a performance and their songs were full of energy. Their music ran through our veins and it became part of our DNA. The Stranglers are one of the bands that shaped and continue to light up the punk world.

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